Press Sewa Portal Online Registration and Login at 2024

The Indian government announced the opening of a new Press Sewa Portal launched for the present-day media situation. This portal was created to ease newspaper registration and other associated procedures. The Press Registrar General of India created the Press Sewa Login with Email Address and Password

The Karnataka government has launched the Skill Connect Kaushalkar Portal for the job-seeking youth of the state. It serves as a career and job-finding portal in addition it provides various educational courses also. The eligible Candidates who meet the requirements Registration Online 2024

The applicants can go to Registration for the Tamil Nadu Naan Mudhalvan Scheme online in 2024. All the permanent residents of Tamil Nadu State who want to avail the benefits of the Tamil Nadu Naan Mudhalvan Scheme can go

Mukhyamantri Mahila Udyamita Abhiyan Assam Form Download PDF

Mukhyamantri Mahila Udyamita Abhiyan was launched in the Assam state. To help the woman entrepreneur in the Assam state the Assam state government launched the Mukhyamantri Mahila Udyamita Abhiyan. The chief minister of Assam state Mr Hemant Biswa Sharma launched

National Creators Award Registration at 2024

To recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of today’s influencers and creators and to demonstrate the nation’s digital creator economy. The Government of India has decided to introduce the respected National Creators Award 2024. By placing them in the spotlight,