Jagananna Vasathi Deevena 2023: Check Installment Date and Amount

The chief minister of the Andhra Pradesh state has presented a new scheme that will help in the skill development of various students studying different types of education in the Andhra Pradesh state. You can check out the details related

YSR EBC Nestham Scheme 2023: Registration, Login and Eligibility List

To promote women’s livelihoods, both state and federal governments execute a variety of programs. Women are given numerous financial incentives through these initiatives. The Andhra Pradesh government has introduced the YSR EBC Nestham Scheme. This plan will give financial support

YSR Asara Scheme 2023: Check Status, Eligibility, and Final List

Women who belong to the minority community will be provided proper opportunities through the development of the YSR Asara Scheme. The people who belong to the self-help group can fill out the application form for the development of this opportunity

YSR Pension Kanuka 2023: Login, Beneficiary List and Status

There are a lot of different types of pension opportunities presented by the organization of the Government of the Andhra Pradesh state and the candidates can select the pension of their choice by visiting the official website of the organization.

e sadhana AP and TG 2023: Login and Track Health Status

A new welfare portal is created by the governments of the Andhra Pradesh state and the Telangana state and this official portal will create proper development opportunities for the people who are currently residing in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state.

YSR Bima Scheme 2023: Registration, Eligibility and Benefits

As you are all aware, the government of Andhra Pradesh is introducing a number of programmes for its residents. The YSR Bheema Scheme, an insurance programme, was recently implemented by the AP government. This YSR Bima Scheme was introduced by

YSR Cheyutha Scheme 2023: Apply Online and Check Eligibility

The Andhra Pradesh state has developed a remarkable programme that will assist all of these categories of vulnerable women in creating their own career prospects, so they no longer need to worry about their financial issues. The YSR Cheyutha Scheme

YSR Kapu Nestham Scheme 2023: Payment Status and Eligibility

The government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced the AP YSR Kapu Nestham Scheme 2023 for women from underprivileged communities. According to the YSR Kapu Nestham scheme, the Chief Minister has deposited an amount of around 508,20 crores into the bank

AP Free Laptop Scheme 2023- Apply Online, Eligibility and Status

Nowadays, technology has a huge impact on how the world operates. It is essential to have a computer or laptop to satisfy today’s requirements. Due to a shortage of funds, many students are unable to purchase laptops. The government of