Apun Ghar Scheme: Application Form PDF Download and Subsidy Details

The Assam Government has introduced the Apun Ghar Scheme exclusively for its residents who do not currently own a home in the state. This scheme provides a fixed amount of subsidy on house loans to eligible applicants. The main objective of the Apun Ghar Scheme is to ensure housing for every Assamese family. This new scheme builds upon the Apon Ghar Home Loan Subsidy Scheme that was implemented in 2016-17. Under the previous scheme, government employees were eligible for a 3.5% interest subsidy on home loans up to Rs. 15 lakhs taken for a 20-year period. Now, with the extension of the scheme, this subsidy will be available to all applicants.

Importance of Assam Apun Ghar scheme

The Ministry of Finance in Assam has launched the Apun Ghar scheme to provide housing facilities for economically disadvantaged people and help them buy their homes. Eligible individuals may receive aid of up to 2,50,000 for mortgage loans with a maximum amount of 40,00,000 in this program which offers low interest rates on mortgages from specific financial institutions within the state of Assam. Under this scheme, the state govt. will provide Rs. A subsidy of 2.5 million for a home loan up to 40 million. Only those who purchase their first home will qualify for this mortgage subsidy. Applications for this scheme can be submitted online by filling out an application form, checking the subsidy amount, and completing details.

Apun Ghar Yojana
Apun Ghar Yojana

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Objective Of Apun Ghar scheme

The main objective of the Apun Ghar Scheme is to provide the goal of housing for all the people ensuring that every underprivileged individual owns their own home. As part of this program, individuals can enter accurate information, and submit important documents such as loan evidence, proof of residence, and PAN card verification. The Assam government provides an opportunity for citizens of Assam who do not have homes of their own and need funds to build their own residences. They will receive a reasonable interest rate loan along with government sponsorship. It is important to highlight that this program is particularly available to citizens of the Assam Loan Scheme.

Key highlights of Apun Ghar scheme

Provide financial support for helping them buy housesApun Ghar scheme
Launched byThe state government of Assam
BenefitsTo provide home loans for people who lack the financial stability
ObjectiveTo provide home loans for people who lack financial stability
BeneficiariesThe residents of assam
Application modeBoth online and offline
Offline sitehttps://assam.gov.in/  

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Required Documents

  • You need to provide proof of residence in the Assam State,
  • Proof of your identity,
  • An income certificate,
  • Your bank account details,
  • Passport-sized photographs,
  • Your most recent salary slips, and
  • The statement of your salary account for the past six months.
  • If your salary is deposited in a bank other than SBI, you must obtain a no-dues salary
  • certificate from that bank.
  • You should also provide proof of having been employed for at least five years and submit
  • A statement detailing your personal assets and liabilities using the bank-specified format.
  • Additionally, provide documents that validate your land ownership.
Details Mentioned in the Apun Ghar Scheme Application Form

The details that are mentioned in the application form of the Apun Ghar scheme are;

  • The list of documents required for the application process.
  • The details that must be filled in for the application are mandatory
  • Declaration
  • Acknowledgment of the SBI
  • Details of the proposed loan scheme
  • Process flow of home loan scheme
  • District-wise list with their subdivisions
  • Grievance redressal center
Benefits of the Apun Ghar Scheme
  • The Apun Ghar Scheme aims to promote the growth of the
  • housing industry in Assam.
  • it will provide financial assistance to individuals who are unable to afford their own
  • homes, thereby addressing the issue of slum areas as well.
  • The scheme will directly transfer the subsidy amount to the beneficiary bank account.
  • The government offers a housing subsidy of 2.5 lakh rupees for loans up to 40 lakhs
  • rupees.
  • In addition, government employees who participate in this program are eligible for a 3.5 percent interest subsidy.
  • Under the scheme, the maximum loan amount available is 15 lakh rupees, with a loan term of 20 years.

How to download Apun Ghar scheme application form PDF online

  • If you want to download the Apun Ghar scheme application form then first of all you have to visit the official website of Apun Ghar.
  • Now at the homepage of the official website, you will get the application form option.
  • Now on the Option to Download the Apun Ghar Scheme Application Form PDF.
  • After that application form will be downloaded to your mobile or computer.
  • Take a print fill it with all the necessary details and submit it to the related department.

How to fill the Application form for the Apun Ghar scheme

  • On the Assam Government is accepting online applications for the \Apon Ghar Home Loan Subsidy Scheme 2020.
  • The state government would grant a Rs. 2.5 lakh subsidy on home loans up to Rs. 40 lakhs under this Apon Ghar Home Loan Subsidy Scheme.
  • Only individuals who are buying their first home and have not previously used loans under the former Apun Ghar Scheme are eligible for this house loan subsidy.
  • People can now register for the Apon Ghar Scheme online, check the subsidy amount, and provide all necessary information.
Contact details

Phone No.: 0361-2237054
E-mail: samirksinha@gov.in

When and who launched this Scheme?

The scheme launch date was April 01, 2019, initiated by Assam finance department by the state government of Assam.

What is the eligibility for this scheme?

The Apun Ghar Scheme is designed to aid individuals in Assam who lack proper housing.

How will this scheme benefit the applicant?

Recipients will receive the subsidy directly in their bank accounts through this scheme, not more than 20 lakhs should be provided.

Which banks will be involved in the disbursement?

Authorized banks endorsed by the Assam government will distribute the benefits of the scheme to the beneficiaries.

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