Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card 2024: Download Application Form PDF

The government issues ration cards as a means of obtaining benefits through the Public Distribution System. In the State of Arunachal Pradesh, ration cards are distributed by the Department of Food and Civil Supplies, Government of Arunachal Pradesh. The Public Distribution System’s primary goals are to provide food security and reduce poverty by making necessary goods accessible. The government of Arunachal Pradesh is providing BPL ration cards to families in need of home goods at the lowest prices. The Public Distribution Office will issue above- and below-poverty-line ration cards depending on the family’s level of poverty. To learn more about the Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card 2024, including its highlights, objectives, several types of ration cards, eligibility requirements, documents needed, application process, and application status, read on.

Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card

About Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card 2024

The government of Arunachal Pradesh is the first to provide you with ration cards. The ration card should be updated every 5 years, with minor alterations such as the inclusion and deletion of names in the case of a newborn or death. As you are all aware, a Ration Card is a crucial document to have if one wishes to take advantage of government programmes. The Food and Civil Supplies Department of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh is in charge of all such processes and monitoring of ration cards and ration on cards. The Arunachal Pradesh government provides commodities and food goods to ration cardholders at a fair price.

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Key Highlights of Ration Card

Launched ByGovernment of Arunachal Pradesh
Name of PostArunachal Pradesh Ration Card 2024
ObjectiveTo provide ration card to below poverty line citizens of state
BenefitsProvision of items at subsidy
Eligibility CriteriaCandidates of Arunachal Pradesh uner below poverty line
Ration Card TypeAPL (Above Poverty Level)BPL (Below Poverty level)AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) Annapurna
Ration Card ColourDark Green, Pink, Yellow & Light Green
Official WebsiteArunachal Pradesh Ration

Objective of Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card

The primary goals of Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card 2024 is to provide food security and reduce poverty by making necessary goods accessible. The government of Arunachal Pradesh is providing BPL ration cards to families in need of home goods at the lowest prices. A ration card is a required document in the state to show one’s legal identity. Every ration cardholder receives necessary food goods and commodities at a fair price from the government of Arunachal Pradesh.

Benefits of Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card

A ration card is the most important document for purchasing food at subsidized rates. You can use your Ration Card at your card-allocated fair pricing retailer or ration depot to get government subsidies on everyday household items. For further information on what you may receive in ration depots, it is best to contact your local distribution centre (as the distribution list changes from time to time), but in general, you will find all household necessities there. Subsidy rates range for each Ration Card category, however there will be something for everyone who has a ration card.

Various Types of Ration Cards 

In Arunachal Pradesh, ration cards are available in the following forms:

  • A.P.L. Card: A.P.L. families have pink ration cards. The government issues A.P.L. cards to persons with an annual income of more than Rs. 10,000. Subsidies are not available to cardholders who achieve this proportionate condition.
  • BPL Card: A card used by low-income households to keep dark green ration cards. The resident’s annual income is less than Rs. 1000. This ration card will greatly subsidise the distribution of necessities to the public.
  • A.A.Y. Card: A.A.Y. families have yellow ration cards. The government provides A.A.Y. cards to the state’s poorest people, and the subsidy and strategy are different.
  • A.Y Card: Annapurna recipients were given AY Cards, which are light green ration cards. Native Americans 65 and over who meet certain criteria are issued AY cards.

Eligibility Criteria

The Antyodaya Anna Yojana (A.A.Y.) and other individuals living below the poverty line who have been placed and validated by the Food and Public Distribution Department, Government of India, are eligible applicants for ration cards in Arunachal Pradesh.

Documents Required

The following are some of the crucial documents needed for Arunachal Pradesh Ration:

  • Proof of Birthdate 
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address verification documents include phone bills, passports, water and power bills, etc.
  • Family portrait in passport-size
  • Government employees must use the transfer order form from the Head of Office.
  • Official ZPM / ASM for ordinary personnel that is appropriate
  • Forms properly signed by the village chief, H.O.D., A.S.M., H.G.B., and G.P.M. chairman
Products and Their Selling Prices

The state’s PDS department, along with the federal government, provided the following items to every family in the state with a valid Arunachal Pradesh Ration card.

Rice and wheat35 KG per RC
Rice35 kg per Beneficiary per month
SKO3.95 lite, RC in a month
Iodine salt500 gm, unit in a month
Levy Sugar700 gm, unit in a month
Rice10 kg, month

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How to Apply Online for a Ration Card in Arunachal Pradesh

The steps listed below must be followed to apply for an Arunachal Pradesh ration card online:

Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card 2023
Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card Official Website
  • The website’s home page will appear on the screen.
  • On the homepage you have to select the “Forms” link.
  • The screen will change to a new page.
  • Now, click the link for the Ration Card Application Form to download it, or go immediately to the nearby Ration Card office to pick one up.
  • take a printout of the application form next.
  • Now, complete the form with all the necessary information.
  • then provide all necessary supporting documentation with the form.
  • Last but not least, turn in the application at the local Ration Card office together with the required fee.
  • The applicant will receive a receipt for their application so they may follow its progress after all information has been confirmed.

How to Monitor the Status of an Application

The user must take the actions listed below in order to track the application status:

  • First, applicants need to visit the Arunachal Pradesh Food and Civil Supplies Department’s official website.
  • The website’s home page will appear on the screen.
  • On homepage you have to select “Check Application Status” from the menu.
  • The screen will change to a new page.
  • Enter your contact information and application ID now.
  • Click the Submit button after that.
  • Your application’s status will appear on the screen once you click the submit button.
Contact Details

If you have any enquiry regarding Arunachal Pradesh Rstion Card, then visit the official website to know more.

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