IGRS Rajasthan 2024: Property Valuation and E Stamp Verification

The online resource known as IGRS Rajasthan was introduced by the Government of Rajasthan, formerly known as the Inspector-General of Registration and Stamps Rajasthan. In accordance with applicable rules and regulations and following careful verification, this portal is responsible for collecting taxes relating to real estate transactions, such as purchasing and selling. For the convenience of the public, the state government has now made it possible for them to register their movable property online through IGRS Rajasthan 2024. The general public has access to a wide range of land-related services on this website.

Property Valuation Under IGRS Rajasthan
Property Valuation

About IGRS Rajasthan 2024

The Epanjiyan Rajasthan Registration and Stamps also referred to as the Inspector-General of Registration and Stamps, IGRS Rajasthan. To help the state’s development, the Inspector-General of Registration and Stamps, or IGRS Rajasthan, is in charge of collecting taxes from real estate transactions and other related activities. At the IGRS Rajasthan headquarters in Ajmer, residents can access a wide range of services. Many procedures, including the registration of assets, are managed by the Epanjiyan Rajasthan. Websites for IGRS Rajasthan and epanjiyan Rajasthan are accessible to the general public for a range of real estate-related services, such as property assessment, stamp duty, registration fees, rules governing transactions, etc. An in-depth discussion of the e-Panjiyan Citizen Services, including Rajasthan Registry Download, will provide in this essay.

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Key Highlights of IGRS Rajasthan

Launched ByGovernment of Rajasthan
Name of PortalIGRS Rajasthan 2024
ObjectiveTo deliver a system that is clear, efficient, and easy to use
BenefitsHelps citizens save money, time, and effort
Full form of PortalInspector-General of Registration and Stamps
Official WebsiteIGRS

Objective of IGRS Rajasthan

The IGRS Rajasthan website of the government serves the following purposes:

  • To put the terms of the Registration Act of 1908 into effect.
  • To amend stamp-relates rules under Rajasthan state law.
  • To deliver a system that is clear, efficient, and easy to use.
  • To increase state revenue through registration and stamp taxes.
  • You can access the services provide by the Registration and Stamps Department of IGRS Raj by going to www.epanjiyan.nic.in.

Citizens’ Benefits from IGRS Rajasthan 

The IGRS Rajasthan website not only helps citizens save money, time, and effort, but it also makes it easier for them to conduct business. While reducing human contact, the e Panjiyan Rajasthan website enhances transparency. Important property-related information is now available from anywhere in the world through the IGRS Rajasthan portal.

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Benefits of IGRS for Officials

A change that would lead to an improved grievance process was advocated by officials. The IGRS Rajasthan has enabled this modification. Additionally, less time is now spent dealing with these complaints, allowing officials to focus on obtaining solutions rather than dealing with them.

Available IGRS Services in Rajasthan

The following are some of the services offer on the IGRS Rajasthan Portal:

  • Online time slot booking
  • Land dispute details
  • Track CRN/document status
  • Guidelines for citizens to get draft sale deed report on e-registration software Property valuation
  • E-Inspection/ Search e-panjiyan
  • DLC rate information
  • Document-wise fees & rebate

Epanjiyan: Citizens’ Property Valuations

You can find out the exact valuation of your IGRS Rajasthan property by going to the Epanjiyan website, epanjiyan.nic.in. On the left side of the epanjiyan Rajasthan website, choose “property value” from the menu. You will direct to the following page.

  • Next, choose whether to click “Fresh value” or “Modify valuation” based on your needs after entering your phone number and the verification code.
  • Enter your details for a fresh valuation on the e-Panjiyan website, including the kind of location, and select the sale deed document option.
  • If you’re seeking for property valuation, keep in mind that this option may be found under the DLC Rates option on the IGRS Rajasthan website.
  • On the webpage for epanjiyan Rajasthan, type in the Tehsil, district, and SRO details.
  • On epanjiyan Rajasthan, you will be taken to a different website where you must enter details like your location, colony area, plot number, etc.
  • The website’s added value section should be expanded to include details like built area and floor type.
  • The value of the property will be displayed after choosing a commission. The “save property details” option allows you to save this data.
  • You can get the Citizen Reference number as part of the epanjiyan Rajasthan services for modify valuation by entering the challan number and the OTP that you receive on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the citizen reference number and ask for an OTP to be sent to your register cellphone number to alter a finalised document.
  • The DLC rates (old) and the DLC rates will both be displayed when you are taken to a separate page (new). When you click on DLC rates (new), you will be directed to the Epanjiyan Rajasthan Registration and Stamps Department website, where you must then follow the steps outlined above.

Information about the IGRS Rajasthan- Epanjiyan DLC rate

The DLC rate is the minimal property value need to register the sale of a plot, apartment, house, or piece of land (or District Level Committee rate). To view these fees, visit the DLC price page on the IGRS Rajasthan website. To examine DLC rates, go to https://igrs.rajasthan.gov.in/dlc-rates-status-all.htm (old). On the left side of the Epanjiyan Rajasthan registration and stamps portal, click the DLC pricing information link to view this data. You must click on the district to view the DLC rates, including the old and new fees.

Epanjiyan Document-wise Fees & Rebates for IGRS Rajasthan

Learn more about IGRS stamp duty and Rajasthan property registration data, including costs, by visiting the official E Panjiyan Rajasthan website at http://www.epanjiyan.nic.in. Men and women often pay between 3 and 6 percent more in stamp duty.

Documents Needed to Register a Property 

  • If the terms and conditions last more than a year, a lease deed should be executed.
  • Release deed in the event that family property is identified
  • Map of the property
  • Photograph
  •  Form 60 
  • Supporting property records
  • PAN Card

How can I register for property under IGRS Rajasthan

To register your property on the e-Panjiyan website, follow these steps:

First Step

IGRS Rajasthan Official Website all details and benefits
Official Website
Property Valuation Under IGRS Rajasthan
Property Valuation
  • Click “Fresh Valuation” after entering your telephone number and the captcha code.
  • Enter the location, kind, district, sub-type, SRO, category, and Tehsil of the document in this field.
  • You must provide details like your location, colony area, property area, and address on a subsequent screen.
  • In the additional value field, type the building area or the floor type.
  • The measured value will then show up on the display after you have chosen commission. To learn how much the land is worth, you can now “save the property details.”

Second Step

  • The next step is to calculate the stamp duty on the Registration and Stamps Department of Rajasthan’s e-Stamp page.
  • Click the next button to continue to the party details.
  • It is necessary to input the presenter type, the party, the category, the gender, the name of the party, the ID proof, the address, and the contact details.
  • After saving the document, upload it together with all other supporting materials to the e-Panjiyan Rajasthan website. Then select Done and Exit.

Third Step

  • To pay the stamp duty and registration costs, go to https://egras.raj.nic.in/ and use the e-GRAS site.
  • To pay an e-stamp to the Rajasthan registration and stamps department, log in to the eGRAS page using your username and password.
  • Create a username and password.
  • Select the Department of Registration and Stamps of Rajasthan.
  • Fill out the information on the e-Challan application.
  • After paying the stamp duty and registration fees with a debit or credit card, click Submit.
  • The application is submitted on the e-panijyan website after paying the registration costs and the stamp duty.
  • Select a time slot to visit the Registration and Stamps department of the Rajasthan Sub Registrar’s office.

Fourth Step

  • Click “Enter” after entering your registered mobile number, the CRN number, and the OTP.
  • Visit the Sub Registrar’s office (SRO) on the day of the appointment with the fee receipt and CRN number.
  • Data verification will be done after you arrive at the Registration and Stamps Department of Rajasthan office using the CRN number.
  • The registration process will be finished at this point.

Online time slot reservations using eStepin

  • You can schedule an appointment online at epanjiyan Rajasthan official website to register the document.
  • To get started, go to the following link.
IGRS Rajasthan 2023
  • You will need to provide information on the epanjiyan Rajasthan website in addition to your name and contact information, such as your district and sub-office, as well as the registrar’s preferred day and time, CRN, and OTP.

eStamp Verification: Epanjiyan

  • Visit the official e Panjiyan Rajasthan official website, then choose the ‘E-citizen’ page to access the e Stamp Rajasthan verification services.
  • You can utilize the e-Stamp Rajasthan verification by choosing the option and moving forward.
  • Select the state name from the drop-down menu on the e-Panjiyan Rajasthan website, then choose the certificate number, stamp duty type, certificate issue date, session ID, etc. to check the certificate.
  • If you wish to use the e-stamp Rajasthan services, you must get in touch with the people on this list.
  • Monitor the progress of your documents.
  • To access any tracking function, simply log in to the epanjiyan official website and input the CRN or document number.

View Land Dispute Cases at Epanjiyan

  • You can view details on land disputes on the epanjiyan official website.
  • On the epanjiyan landing page’s left side, click the Land Dispute Details link.
  • The district selection requires on the e Panjiyan Rajasthan website. Your screen will display a thorough list of dispute situations after you make your selection.

Online Stamp Refund in Rajasthan Epanjiyan

  • The main epanjiyan Rajasthan official website has a “Citizen Area” on the left-hand column.
  • If you choose to click on the “Online Refund Application” link underneath this, you will direct to the following e panjiyan website.
Online Stamp Refund
Online Refund Process
  • In the case of a new application, select the stamp duty, registration fee, or both from the drop-down box to indicate the specifics of the refund type.
  • After that, select the reason from the dropdown box. One of the causes is:
    • Effected by the same instrument between same parties
    • Misused stamps (Sec 61)
    • Non Acceptance of any office
    • Not executed due to death
    • Spoiled stamps
    • Stamps not signed by anyone party
    • Stamps not required for use (Sec 63)
    • Stamps used as instrument void in law
    • Other
  • When you’ve decided on a district, click the link for the applicant’s details, complete the form, and then click “Add.”
  • To access the form below if you’ve previously asked for a refund, click on login.
  • Click “View Status of the Online Refund Application” after entering the password, captcha code, and refund token number.
IGRS Rajasthan- Complaint Resolution

You can make a complaint or check on the status of your complaint using the services offered by IGRS Rajasthan and Sampark. To access this, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the IGRS Rajasthan.
  • In step two, click the E-citizen tab.
  • To begin, navigate to “Grievance.”
  • You can also get to this direct URL by performing that as an option.
  • To file a grievance with IGRS Rajasthan, click the “Lodge your Grievance” option as seen in the image above. Out of the 90.56 lakh cases that have been recorded, the IGRS Rajasthan department has processed 91.6.14 lakh cases, for a disposal rate of 98.86 percent.
Important Points to Keep In Mind
  • All pertinent information must give to IGRS Rajasthan in point form.
  • Give the IGRS Rajasthan officials access to your contact information and accompanying paperwork so they can get in touch with you and verify the complaint.
  • You are welcome to include in your post any previous grievances you have filed with the IGRS Rajasthan.
  • The court shouldn’t accept the plea.
  • Private, public, or complaints made to an IGRS Rajasthan state official are all acceptable.
  • For future use, keep the IGRS Rajasthan complaint number handy.
  • If the complaint you filed is untrue or the facts are incorrect, IGRS Rajasthan will hold you accountable.
  • The right to information concerns is not taken into account because Sampark is not the RTI portal.
  • At 150 output pixels per inch, scan the file.
  • In addition to dialing their toll-free number 181, you may contact Rajasthan Sampark via email at rajsampark@rajasthan.gov.in or cmv@rajasthan.gov.in.
Contact Details
  • Address: Registration & Stamps Department
  • Nodal Officer: Sh. Sunil Bhatia, Joint Director (Computer)
  • IG, Registration & Stamps Dept, Head Office, Ajmer
  • Phone no: 0145-2971208
  • Mobile no: 8209786099

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