Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana 2024- Fill Application Form to Get Financial Assistance

The Karnataka government has introduced a program called the “Sandhya Suraksha Yojana,” widely known as the Sandhya Suraksha Pension Scheme. This initiative aims to provide support to elderly residents of Karnataka by offering them a monthly pension during their old age. Administered by the State Welfare Department, the scheme’s registration is conveniently conducted through online channels.The State Government has introduced the Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana, aimed at offering financial aid to the elderly residents of the state. This initiative provides monthly pensions to qualifying senior citizens. In this piece, we will explore the process of applying for pension through the Sandhya Suraksha Pension Scheme in Karnataka.

Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana
Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana

Overview of Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana

The Sandhya Suraksha Scheme has been created as a social security initiative with the purpose of aiding elderly citizens in our nation. Its objective is to grant monetary aid and healthcare privileges to senior individuals who might lack ample resources to sustain their livelihood. This program demonstrates the government’s dedication to upholding the welfare and honor of our senior citizens. Through the Sandhya Suraksha Pension Scheme, the government will furnish medical services to beneficiaries in collaboration with NGOs. Qualified recipients will be granted a monthly pension of Rs. 400 by the State government. Those who utilize KSRTC for their travels are also eligible for reduced-fare bus transportation. Additionally, day care centers have been established to provide support to senior citizens as part of this initiative.

Objective of Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana

The Sandhya Suraksha welfare project initiated by the Karnataka State Government seeks to extend financial aid and support to senior citizens residing in the state. This initiative caters to elderly individuals in need of additional care, ensuring they receive the necessary assistance. Through this scheme, beneficiaries are granted monthly stipends, which can be utilized to manage essential expenses related to elderly care services. To conform to the established procedure, you can submit your application for the Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Pension Scheme through the online portal.The Sandhya Suraksha Scheme was created to help older people in our nation by offering financial aid and healthcare advantages. Its goal is to aid seniors who might lack the resources to care for themselves adequately. This initiative demonstrates the government’s dedication to ensuring the welfare and respect of our elderly citizens.

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Key highlights of Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana

Scheme NameKarnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana
Started byGovernment of Karnataka
Launched byHon’ble Chief Minister Shri Siddaramaiah
BeneficiariesSenior citizens of Karnataka
Scheme TypePension scheme
BenefitsIt will give financial assistance to older citizens living in Karnataka
Official sitehttps://www.karnataka.gov.in/english

Eligibility Criteria for Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana

To qualify for the advantages offered by the Sandhya Suraksha Scheme, individuals need to meet specific eligibility prerequisites. Key conditions consist of the following

  • Age: Individuals must surpass a designated age threshold, usually 60 years or more.
  • The initiative mainly aims at aiding senior citizens with limited financial means.
  • Applicants must hold citizenship in the nation where the scheme is put into effect.

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Benefits and features of Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana

The Sandhya Suraksha Scheme provides a variety of advantages to eligible senior citizens, guaranteeing their financial well-being and overall welfare. Some notable benefits encompass:

  • Regular Pension: Eligible recipients receive consistent financial aid in the form of a pension.
  • Healthcare Assistance: The scheme provides support for medical expenses and insurance coverage, ensuring the availability of high-quality healthcare services.
  • Emergency Aid: Provisions are in place to offer urgent financial assistance, addressing unexpected situations.
  • Establishment of Senior Citizen Residences: The government might establish new senior citizen homes or aid existing ones, facilitating accommodation and care.
  • The program offered by the state government includes a fixed monthly payment of Rs. 1000 to beneficiaries.
  •  People using KSRTC for travel will also get special bus passes for reduced fare transportation.
  • Apart from the regular pension, the government will collaborate with recipients’ non-governmental organizations to provide healthcare services, which are especially important during old age.
  • The government has set up specific day-care centers in various locations such as Gulbarga, Belgaum, Hubli-Dharwad, Bangalore, etc., to provide assistance and care for the elderly.
Required Documents

The following papers are required when enrolling in the program:

  • Proof of the applicant’s income.
  • Either a birth certificate or an ID card with the birth date.
  • Bank passbook along with savings or deposit specifics.
  • The occupational certificate must be endorsed by the tehsildar of the relevant area.
Selection process

Financial institutions play an important part in carrying out the Sandhya Suraksha Scheme. They work together with the government to give out pensions and offer banking services to older citizens. These institutions make sure the scheme runs well and help make sure beneficiaries are reached properly. To make sure lots of people take part, the government arranges events to let people know about the Sandhya Suraksha Scheme. These events teach older citizens about the good things the scheme offers, who can apply, and how to apply. They also aim to clear up any wrong ideas and answer questions people might have about the scheme.

Application process for Karnataka Sandhya Suraksha Yojana

To enroll in the Sandhya Suraksha Pension Yojana using the online procedure, adhere to these uncomplicated steps:

  • Begin by accessing the official website of Karnataka Nadakacheri.
  • Locate the Sandhya Suraksha Scheme section.
  • On the homepage, click on “Online Application,” then select “Apply Online.”
  • Provide your mobile number and click “Get OTP.”
  • Input the OTP received on your mobile and click the “Proceed” button.
  • A digital application form will appear on your screen.
  • Carefully complete all the requested information in the application form, then click “Submit.”
  • You can now generate a copy of the application form for your records.

For those preferring the offline approach:

  • Visit the official website of the Government of Karnataka.
  • Download the application form from the website or use the provided link
What are the documents required for applying for this scheme?

You will need to submit certain documents along with your application, including proof of age (like a birth certificate or Aadhaar card), income certificate or evidence of low-income status, address proof, and your bank account details.

Is there an age limit for benefiting from this scheme?

The Sandhya Suraksha Scheme offers various benefits. Eligible individuals receive regular financial assistance in the form of a pension. The scheme covers medical expenses and provides insurance coverage for better healthcare access.

What healthcare support does the scheme offer?

The Sandhya Suraksha Pension Scheme offers medical facilities through NGOs to the beneficiaries. Qualified beneficiaries will receive a monthly pension of Rs. 400 from the State government. Additionally, those who use KSRTC for travel can also avail themselves of bus transportation.

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