Minimum Support Price (MSP) 2024: Check Covered Crops Price List

It is important to set up a minimum support price because it will help the farmers of the country who are struggling to sell their products because of the fraudulent practices that are often used by middlemen. The farmers are provided security through the Government of India and through this security, they are often provided with an MSP which is needed to be paid by every person who is buying any agricultural commodity from any farmer in the country. You can check out the details related to Minimum Support Price 2024 from the article provided below and we will also share with you all the tables to check the price list and the covered crop details.

Minimum Support Price
Minimum Support Price Details

About Minimum Support Price- MSP

The Minimum Support Price or MSP is the minimum price which is set by the government of India for certain agricultural products so that the farmers can be saved from fraudulent practices that take place by middlemen in the country. The farmers will get various benefits through the development of the MSP 2024 which is directly set by the government of India taking into consideration the prices of the agricultural products presented by the farmers of the country. You can buy the crops from the farmers by taking into consideration the minimum support price and the Central Government also hiked the MSP on 9th September 2021. You have to make sure that you are not exploiting the rights of the farmers.

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Objective Of Minimum Support Price

The main objective of the minimum support price is to support the farmers from distress sales because many times the middleman will try to buy the products from farmers at a very low price which can result in exploitation of the rights of the farmers in the country. The minimum support price is set twice a year for 24 commodities by the government of India to protect the farmers against the fall in prices in case of bumper production. Various factors will be considered by the Indian government to set the minimum support price for the farmers of the state because it is a major decision concerning the earnings of the farmers of the country.

Factors Affecting The MSP

You can check out the details related to the factors affecting the minimum support price from the pointers given below:-

  • The entire structure of the economy of a particular commodity or group of commodities
  • Cost of production
  • Changes in input prices
  • Input-output price parity
  • Trends in market prices
  • Demand and supply
  • Inter-crop price parity
  • Effect on industrial cost structure
  • Effect on the cost of living
  • Effect on the general price level
  • International price situation
  • Parity between prices paid and prices received by the farmers
  • Effect on issue prices and implications for subsidy

Crops Included

The following crops are included while setting up the minimum support price and these prices will be respected all throughout the country:-

OilseedsGroundnutrapeseed/mustardSoybeanToriaSesamumSunflower seedSafflower seedNigerseed
Raw cotton
Raw jute
De-husked coconut
Sugarcane (fair and remunerative price)
Virginia flu-cured (VFC) tobacco

Minimum Support Prices – Fixed by Government 

You can check out the minimum support prices which are fixed by the government based on Rs per quintal from the table given below:-

Grade ‘A’103018881960
BAJRA 200021502250
MAIZE 176018501870
RAGI 315032953377
Tur (Arhar) 580060006300
MOONG 705071967275
URAD 570060006300
COTTONMedium Staple525555155726
Long Staple300058256025
SUNFLOWER SEED565058856015
MASUR (LENTIL)480051005500
Rapeseed & Mustard442546505050
(Calendar Year)Ball99201030010600
DE-HUSKED COCONUTCalender Year)257127002800

Minimum Support Price Login Procedure

  • First of all visit the official website
  • After that, on the homepage, you will find Login Option
  • Under this login option kindly select MSP Login Option
MSP Online Login
MSP Online Login
  • Now select your state name and fill password
  • After that fill required captcha code and click on the submit button
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