Odisha Mission Shakti 2024: Application Form, Log In and Implementation

The government of Odisha has started the Odisha Mission Shakti 2024 to give financial support and services to the women of the state through membership in a self-help group and federation. This programme is a financial inclusion project that will give women in self-help groups access to institutional loans to support sustainable livelihood. The adoption of this plan will also help women build their financial capacities and self-confidence. We will give you all the information you need about this programme through this post, including its goals, advantages, features, requirements, eligibility, and application process. Therefore, if you want to profit from the Odisha Mission Shakti, we ask that you read this essay carefully.

What is Odisha Mission Shakti

The state government of Odisha introduced the Odisha Mission Shakti Scheme On March 8, 2001. The state’s women will receive financial assistance through this programme in exchange for their participation in self-help organizations and federations. Through Odisha Mission Shakti 2024, the ladies will connect to the financial institution. Through the self-help group, women will be able to obtain institutional credit, which will allow them to pursue self-employment. The programme will offer several types of financial assistance in the form of seed money, Mission Shakti loans, and revolving funds. The government will form strategic cooperation with the banking industry to guarantee hassle-free banking services to self-help group members on all levels. This plan will give women greater economic power. The Directorate of Mission Shakti was established under the Department of Women’s and Child Development and Mission Shakti to ensure adequate oversight and implementation of this programme.

Odisha Mission Shakti 2022
Odisha Mission Shakti Website

Key Highlights of Mission Shakti

Launched ByGovernment of Odisha
Name of SchemeOdisha Mission Shakti 2024
ObjectiveTo empower womens
BenefitsThe state’s ladies will be given financial assistance
Eligibility Criteria Must be a resident of Odisha
BeneficiariesWomen Self-Help Groups
Official Websitehttps://missionshakti.odisha.gov.in/

The objective of Odisha Mission Shakti

Through women’s self-help organisations, Odisha Mission Shakti’s primary goal is to financially empower women. This program’s multiple programme types offer institution building, capacity building, financial inclusion, livelihood skill development, and market connections. A beneficiary self-help group has access to mission Shakti loans, revolving funds, and startup money. The Mission Shakti loan carries no interest. Self-help organisations will gain independence thanks to this plan, which will inevitably empower women. Other than that, the mission Shakti programme will enable women to acquire a stable way of life, self-assurance, and economic capability.

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Benefits and Features of Odisha Mission Shakti

  • On March 8th, the Odisha government introduced the Odisha Mission Shakti Scheme.
  • Through this programme, the state’s women will get financial assistance in exchange for their participation in self-help organisations and federations.
  • Through this plan, the ladies will connect to the financial institution.
  • In addition, women will be able to obtain institutional credit through the self-help group, allowing them to pursue self-employment.
  • This programme will offer several types of financial assistance in the form of seed money, Mission Shakti loans, and revolving funds.
  • The government will also form strategic cooperation with the banking industry so that self-help group members can be guaranteed hassle-free banking services at all levels.
  • Additionally, this plan will provide women with more economic power.
  • Mission Shakti, a directorate under the Department of Women’s and Children’s Development, has been established to provide adequate oversight and implementation of this programme. 
  • To inform women about the government’s financial inclusion initiatives, the government will also set up financial literacy and credit counselling programmes at the village level.
  • Together with financial institutions and other departments, these programmes will plan
  • Additionally being digitised are financial reports and the creation of performance records.
  • This programme will help ladies feel more confident.

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Organisational Structure the Program

State- Directorate of Mission Shakti

Principal Secretary/Commissioner Cum Secretary, Commissioner Cum Director, Joint Secretary, Financial Advisor, Deputy Secretary, Desk Officer, Section Officer, Assistant Section Officer

State project monitoring unit, team leader, specialist in institution and capacity building, financial inclusion, livelihood and skill development, market linkage, monitoring and evaluation, publicity and IEC, human resource specialist, accountant, and office assistant make up the support team.

District Administrative Unit

The collector, district magistrate, social welfare officer, and mission Shakti coordinator; Support Team: the district project monitoring unit, the district project coordinator, and the district programme assistant, cum accountant.

ICDS Project

Child development officer, block mission Shakti coordinator, block project monitoring unit, block project coordinator, block programme assistant, and cum accountant make up the project administrative unit.

Major Areas Of Focus Under Odisha Mission Shakti

  • The main areas of focus for Odisha Mission Shakti are the establishment and development of women’s self-help organisations. – The mission Shakti Odisha creates and supports about 6 lakh women’s self-help organisations. The membership of these women’s self-help organisations is estimated to be 7000000.
  • Women and financial institutions are connected through this programme, which combines the activities of numerous women’s self-help groups with the bank credit system, such as regular meetings, credit and thrift education, internal landing, etc.
  • Financial inclusion: The Shakti initiative, part of the Odisha Mission, provides seed money and a revolving fund for women’s self-help groups, promoting women’s empowerment. Self-help organisations can now invest more money in activities that support their livelihood thanks to the adoption of interest subvention programmes and credit linkage.
  • Through this programme, considerable progress has in terms of women’s empowerment.
  • Gender equality- By facilitating the rise of a new generation of women leaders, this plan also aids in reducing gender discrimination and other societal ills.

Building Institutions Through Odisha Mission Shakti

The manner that people interact with one another when the public is reacting to their actions is known as institutional building. One of the key components of the Odisha Mission Shakti Scheme is institutional construction. aims of institution-building and mission statement Shakti is attained by increased gender equality, women’s social and economic empowerment, and policy change. In addition, robust and effective multi-layered institutions and collectives were developed in Odisha to promote women’s empowerment. The promotion of women’s self-help organisations at the gram Panchayat level federation, block level federation at the ICDS project level, and district level federation at the district level is accomplished through this programme.

Odisha Mission Shakti Building Capacity, Developing Livelihoods, Developing Skills, and Creating Market Links

  • The programme of capacity building calls for regular exposure and training.
  • The government offers a variety of training and capacity-building programmes for community institutions as part of the mission Shakti plan.
  • In addition, through a variety of income-generating activities, this programme supports the livelihood of the women’s self-help organisations and their federations.
  • Agriculture, organic farming, vegetable gardening, civil building, door mat manufacturing, flour milling, etc. are some of these income-generating industries.

Financial Assistance For Self-Help Groups For Women

To inform women about the government’s financial inclusion strategy, the government will also set up financial literacy and credit counselling programmes at the village level. Together with financial institutions and other departments, these programmes will be planned. The creation of performance records and financial reports will both be digitised. Under the Odisha mission Shakti programme, the women’s self-help organisation will receive the following sorts of financial support:

Seed Money

Each qualified self-help group that is ineligible for microcredit or revolving financing will receive Rs 15000 in support from the government. This sum will assist the self-help group in proving the members’ creditworthiness and access to investment opportunities. Additionally, enlarging the group Corpus will be useful to obtain Bank linkage. Additionally, this money will assist the self-help group in meeting its immediate needs.

Revolving fund

The BLFs will receive financial support from this programme in the number of Rs. 25 lakh per block federation. This sum will = be distributed in two stages. This sum enables a self-help organisation to expand its capabilities and give the institution financial independence while using the fund. Additionally, this sum will be given to the self-help group member for loans per their business strategy.

Mission Shakti loan

In 2013, the state government launched the Mission Shakti loan programme. The government will offer the women’s self-help groups reasonable financing through this loan. The initial recipient is eligible to borrow up to Rs 300000 at 2% interest. The annual interest rate for women’s self-help groups was decreased to 1% to encourage them to invest more money in livelihood activities. After that, the programme was amended in 2019. As long as the loan is repaid on time, beneficiaries are not required to pay interest on loans up to Rs 300,000. Under this programme, loans will be made available by core banking solutions-based scheduled commercial banks and cooperative banks.

Eligibility Criteria 

The recipient must be an Odisha-based women’s self-help organisation.

Documents Required
  • Residence certificate 
  • Aadhar card
  • Birth certificate
  • Mobile Number
  •  Passport-size Photo

Application Process for the Odisha Mission Shakti

  • First, you need to Go to your closest bank.
  • Obtain the Odisha Mission Shakti form from the bank now.
  • You must fill out this form with all necessary information, including your name, phone number, email address, etc.
  • After that, you must include the necessary documentation.
  • You must now provide this form to the bank.
  • You can apply for the Odisha mission Shakti by following this approach.

How To Download A Mobile Application

Odisha Mission Shakti Website
Odisha Mission Shakti Website
  • Before you, the home page will load.
  • You must select the mobile app link on the homepage.
Odisha Mission Shakti 2022
Mobile App
  • You will be taken to a new page where you must enter your password and mobile number after clicking “sign in.”
  • Following that, select “download the mobile app.”
  • Your device will download the mobile application.

Provide Feedback

  • Go to the Odisha mission shakti scheme’s official website first.
  • Before you will be the home page.
  • You must select “feedback” from the homepage’s list of options.
Provide Feedback
Feedback Details
  • You’ll be taken to a different page.
  • You need to complete the mandatory fields on this page.
  • After that, you must select “submit.”
  • This process will allow you to provide feedback.
How to Request E-Services
  • Visit the Odisha Mission Shakti Scheme Official website.
  • Your home page will now appear, and you must select “citizen e-services
Request E Services
  • Before you will be a new page.
  • The service must be chosen on this page.
  • You must now input the necessary information.
  • After that, you must select “submit.”
  • You can use these services by following this approach.
Contact Details

Address-Mission Shakti Bhawan, At- Gandamunda, Po-Baramunda, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Pin-751030

  • Telephone Number- 0674 – 2974093
  • Email Id- missionshakti.od@gov.in pmumissionshakti@gmail.com

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