PM Mission LiFE 2024: Check Benefits, Features and Objective

In order to become very environment friendly the Indian government has created a new scheme which is known as mission life in order to provide livelihood opportunities to the people without having to compromise the environment along with the opportunities. The Government of India will provide opportunities to the residents so that the residents can practice reducing, reusing, and recycling agenda and can become people who are very serious about the environment of their country. You can check out the details related to the PM Mission LiFE from the article provided below and we will also share with you all the benefits, features, and objectives of this scheme.

PM Mission LiFE
Mission LiFE

About PM Mission LiFE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced PM Mission LiFE. Mission life is an action plan which includes a lifestyle modification that is implemented in India in order to provide proper opportunities for sustainable development and in order to provide proper opportunities to the future generation to come. This is a part of the Indian cultural order to reduce reuse and recycle and this event is a very prestigious event because it will provide proper opportunities so that the Indian people can learn about reuse, recycling, and reducing. This event will also get International attention and all of it will be provided in order to help the people in order to become sustainable development rather than becoming a wasteful society. On the occasion of the start of the Mission LiFE movement, France, the UK, Argentina, Georgia, etc congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Objective Of PM Mission LiFE

The objective of the scheme is to provide proper opportunities related to sustainable development and safeguard and preserve the environment in which we are living. This is a flagship program at the UN and other international forums will also highlight the action that we need to take in order to save our climate. The people will participate in various ways through which they will be able to save the environment and provide proper opportunities related to sustainable development to around 1.2 million individuals who are participating in environment days every year. This is an approach in order to provide development opportunities in India without having to worry about climate change and other changes which are available in the environment due to various reasons such as the overuse of natural resources.

Benefits Of PM Mission LiFE 

Mission life is provided in order to provide benefits to the people of the world so that they can make their life sustainably developed without having to worry about the future generation and the climate change in which we are living. The PM Mission LiFE will also empower and safeguard the environment so that there is a better use of the natural resources available in India. This is a battle against climate change and this battle will be a battle of the century through the development of this mission of life that stands for pro-planet people. The individual will become a team through the development of this project and the team will work towards the development of a better future in India and around the world because this program will also get attention from the different leaders of the world.

Features Of PM Mission LiFE

India is a number one country that needs to fight Global changes such as climate change and other environmental issues because in India the yearly per capita carbon footprint is just approximately 1.5 tonnes, compared to the global average of four tones. Currently, India ranks fourth in wind energy and fifth in solar energy. In the previous 7.5 years, India’s renewable energy capacity has expanded by around 29 percent. India has achieved the aim of attaining 40% of power capacity from non-fossil fuel sources nine years ahead of schedule. India had also met a target of 10% ethanol blend in gasoline, and that was five months before the deadline. 

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PM Mission LiFE Application Process

The mission life will be inaugurated in the UN in order to provide opportunities related to sustainable development and safeguarding the environment as a whole. 

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