Student Police Cadet Scheme 2024: Check Benefits, Features and All Details

The scheme which is known as the Student Police Cadet Scheme was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Bhagwat Singh Mann. This scheme will help the students who are studying in schools in Punjab to understand and learn about the work of the police force in the state. The state government has launched this scheme for the students to benefit them and acknowledge them for the work of police departments in various fields and affairs. This program expects that from the current school year, that is 2023 to 2024 students in the 8th class will attend two years of compulsory study under a program prepared by the Police Research and Development Bureau.

Student Police Cadet Scheme
Student Police Cadet Scheme

Overview of the Student Police Cadet Scheme

The CM of Punjab has launched the Student Police Cadet Scheme for the betterment of students. It will clearly help the students to know the law and order that every police official must follow and how these police and other associated forces work together to bring peace and harmony. The government of Punjab has included the scheme in the main academic curriculum of the students.

  • This will be implemented for a period of two years, meaning that the Police Cadet program in class 9 is also available to all students from Class 8 who have completed their studies between the academic year 2023 and 24.
  • About 280 Government schools, in which one school covers about 40 students per class, will be covered by the student police cadet program. So, for the next two years, 11200 students will be able to take advantage of this scheme.

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Objective of Student Police Cadet Scheme

The primary objective of the Student Police Cadet Scheme is to make the students who are studying in the schools understand the law and enforcement that the police department uses and follows to make a state crime-free. The government will provide each school with an amount of Rs 50000 per year, according to Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. It means that every school in the system is going to be given maintenance of some kind. For forty students each year, 50 thousand dollars. The 280 state schools that will be covered by the program are already known to them. It means nearly 1.40 crore will be spent by the Punjab Government under the scheme.

Key highlights of Student Police Cadet Scheme

Scheme name Student Police Cadet Scheme
Launched byThe Cm of Punjab Bhagwat Singh Mann
ObjectiveTo make the students understand the working of police
BenefitsStudents will be able to understand and learn the actions of the police department
BeneficiariesStudents at government schools in Punjab

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scheme is only open to students who are permanent residents of Punjab.
  • The students in government schools are eligible for this scheme.
  • Students that are studying in class 8 and 9 can get admission.
  • Girls as well as boys are both eligible.

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Benefits and features
  • After considering indoor and outdoor activities the student police cadet scheme will provide information to students.
  •  For the next two years a system will be introduced for 8th class students.
  • The students whose age is eight and nine this may be in progress during each academic year.
  • The Youth Police Cadet Yojana will help the students to understand the police in this country.
  • Basic information about the work and law enforcement of the police department will be provided by this system.
  • In this State, the Scheme Punjab will reach 11200 students.
  •  For each school, the state government will provide an amount of 50 thousand rupees per year.
Selection Process
  • There is no specific selection process for this scheme.
  • You have to be a student at a government school
  • You should be studying in at least 8th and 9th class

Student Police Cadet Scheme Apply Online

  • This Scheme was launched recently by the State Government of the Punjab.
  •  So, they have not yet made a public notice of how to use this Student Police Cadet scheme.
  • But notification of the application procedures under the scheme will be launched as soon as possible.


What is Student Police Cadet Scheme?

This scheme was launched by the government of Punjab for the students of Punjab studying in government. This scheme will make the kids understand the working of the police better in a very knowledgeable way.

Who launched this scheme?

This scheme was launched by the chief minister of Punjab Mr. Bhagwat Singh Mann in the year 2023. And will be implemented in the academic year of 2023-2024.

Who is eligible for this scheme?

The students of Punjab who are studying in government schools are eligible. Both boys and girls who are studying in class 8th and 9th are eligible for this scheme.

Will there be any kind of funds provided for the students?

Yes, In the State of Punjab 11200 students will be covered by this scheme. The State government shall allocate Rs. 50000 per year to each of these schools.

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