26 January Ticket Booking 2024 Online at aamantran.mod.gov.in

The entire country celebrates a national holiday on January 26 to honor the adoption of the Indian Constitution in 1950. The Republic Day Parade consists of an official display of our military and cultural beauty. The parade begins at 9.30 am, the Republic Day Parade 2024 will travel through Delhi via the Rajpath. The 26 January Ticket booking 2024 option is now available on the official web portal. Interested people can visit the portal and book the seats for themselves. If you want to know more details about how to book the seats, keep reading this article for further information. All details about the 26 January Ticket booking will be given.

Overview of 26 January ticket Booking

Every year on January 26, India celebrates the adoption of the Indian Constitution in 1950 with the Republic Day Parade. The parade starts from Vijay Chowk at 9:30 am and travels more than five kilometers then stops at the National Stadium. Tickets for the parade can be purchased offline from several locations, including as the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC). 26 January Ticket Booking can be done through the Amantran online portal. Tickets for the Republic Day Parade are on sale from January 10 to January 25. VIPs are made to front-row seats. Be aware that the number of tickets that can be purchased at the counters each day is also. Thus, limited. Make sure you arrive early and wait for your turn.

26 January Ticket Booking
26 January Ticket Booking

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The objective of Republic Day Ticket Booking

The main and the most important objective of the 26 January Republic Day ticket booking is to provide the seats and their reservation to the people. Interested people can book the tickets online from the online Aamantran portal. Thus, in this way, they can book the seat of their choice and enjoy the parade. The India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) Travel Counters. Delhi Tourism Development Corporation (DTDC) Counters are two sites in Delhi where tickets can be purchased offline or online via the official website. The Delhi government has kept both the online and offline options for the citizens. So, they can book the tickets according to their preference.

About Aamantran Portal Republic Day tickets booking

The Aamantran portal is an online portal launched by the central Government. Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Ajay Bhatt launched an online Portal on January 06, 2023, in New Delhi. As part of the government’s e-governance initiative. The portal allows the public to purchase tickets online. They can also send e-invitations to celebrities and guests to events on Republic Day and Independence Day. In addition to allowing the public to purchase tickets online, they can get issued online passes to officials and their visitors. The Amantran portal will make the entire procedure friendly to the environment, user-friendly, and able to close the communication gap between the public and government.

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Key Highlights of 26 January ticket Booking

Name of the portalAamantran Portal
Service26 January ticket Booking
Launched byThe government of India
BeneficiariesCitizens of India
ObjectiveTo provide an online option for booking the tickets for 26thJanuary Parade. 
Application modeOnline
Official siteaamantran.mod.gov.in/  

Required documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Mobile number
  • Identity proof of any kind

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26 January Ticket Pricing

CategoryPrice (INR)View
Reserved500Most in-demand, Least supply, Excellent view if secured early, One ticket per ID.
Unreserved100Decent view, More availability, Two tickets per ID.
Unreserved20Readily available, Limited view.
Benefits of 26 January Ticket Booking
  • India holds the Republic Day Parade on January 26 of each year to commemorate the adoption of the Indian Constitution in 1950.
  • At nine in the morning, the procession leaves from Vijay Chowk and goes over five kilometers before coming to an end at the National Stadium.
  • You can get parade tickets offline at several places, such as the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC).
  • The Aamantran web portal is used for booking tickets.
  • Republic Day Parade tickets are available for purchase from January 10 through January 25.
  •  First-row seats are reserved for VIPs.
  • Note that there is a daily limit on the quantity of tickets available for purchase at the counters.
  • Consequently, restricted. Make sure to show up early and bide your time. 
  • Through the Aamantran internet portal, customers can make online ticket reservations.
  • They can reserve the seat of their choosing and take part in the procession in this way. 
  • Travel Counters operated by the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC).
  • Tickets can be bought in person at the Delhi Tourism Development Corporation (DTDC) Counters or online at the official website.
  • The inhabitants of Delhi still have access to both online and physical choices thanks to the government.
  • As a result, they can reserve the tickets based on their preferences.

Do 26 January Ticket Booking Online 2024

26 January Ticket Booking
26 January Ticket Booking
  • Enter your information (name, birthdate, phone number, etc.) and use the OTP to confirm.
  • Select the event (Beating the Retreat, FDR Republic Day Parade, Republic Day Parade).
  • Enter participant details and attach a copy of your official photo ID.
  • Pay in full to reserve your tickets.

Check the availability of Tickets

To check the availability of tickets you need to follow these steps

  • First, you must visit the official website
  • After that go to the login page
  • And on that page scroll down
  • On the left bottom, you will see a TICKET AVAILABILITY option
  • Click on that and all the reserved and available seats will appear in front of you.
Where are Republic Day parade tickets available for purchase?

You can get tickets for the Republic Day parade at www.aamantran.mod.gov.in, the Ministry of Defense’s web portal.

Which metro stop is closest to the Republic Day parade?

The Kartavya Path is close to the metro stations for Udyog Bhawan and Central Secretariat.

What is the cost of entry to the Republic Day parade?

The cost of a Republic Day parade ticket varies according on the kind of event you want to attend; the rates are ₹20, ₹100, and ₹500.

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