Anyror Gujarat 7/12: Search Gujarat Land Records Satbara Utara

Each state now offers a way for you to inspect your lands and properties that are spread out throughout their respective states online. The Gujarat government now implementing an online portal for its citizens to submerge their land records online via the AnyROR Portal with the collaboration between Gujarat’s Revenue Department and the National Informatics Centre (NIC). Therefore, using the Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online to access all relevant information about Gujarat Land Records (VF – 7/12, 8A, 6, 135D) online is advantageous. It was quite challenging to get records of rights from the revenue department, including the Satbara (7/12) survey no. details, the 8A khata details, the form 6 entry details, the notice 135D for mutation, etc. Most land records in Gujarat State have already been computerized, and they are accessible online through their official website.

Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online

About Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online (Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat)

Property ownership and land registration are important facts for anybody. Land recording software has been formally deployed by Gujarat state’s National Informatics Center (NIC) revenue division. All 225 Talukas in Gujarat, as well as 26 districts, can be accessed using the platform. Gujarat is a western Indian state with a solid political system and stunning scenery. Residents of Gujarat can utilize the website to retrieve data about their land records. Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online, which is only available to residents of Gujarat, provides information on land ownership, owner names, transfers, activity on various parcels of property, etc. Farmers mostly utilize this document for land exchanges (mutations), obtaining loans for crops, receiving concessions based on the size of the land holding, etc. For the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the government uses an extract from a 7/12 Utara registry. All state residents can access the software with their login information.

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Key Highlights of Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online

Implemented ByGujarat’s Revenue Department and the National Informatics Centre (NIC)
Name of SchemeAnyror Gujarat 7/12 Online
ObjectiveTo provide single platform for details related to lands 
BenefitsBank loans can be approved quickly
Eligibility CriteriaResidents of Gujarat
Official WebsiteAnyror

The objective of Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online

All land records in Gujarat have been digitized using the AnyROR Anywhere site. This portal’s goal is to make it easier for Gujarati citizens to find information on land, such as information about ownership, the type, and area of the land, etc. Additionally, the AnyROR Gujarat website works to uphold openness and defend landowner rights. The AnyROR Gujarat platform not only enables online access to land records but also allows users to update information on crop loans, subsidies, and electricity connections as needed.

AnyRoR Gujarat’s goals are:

  • Ensure your administration is open and respectful of your customers.
  • Update laws to reflect the residents’ evolving requirements
  • Service delivery should be simpler.
  • Identify the strategies for improving the resources through effective land management.
  • To hire and educate workers to be more receptive and devoted.

Benefits of Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online

The website AnyROR Gujarat, also known as anyror Gujarat gov, helps confirm and locate important land records in digital form. It offers the following advantages:

  • Safeguards the land’s ownership rights.
  • Bank loans can approved quickly.
  • AnyROR Gujarat land records serve as a vital document in determining ownership in cases of land disputes and litigation.
  • It is an important document when selling land since it enables the buyer to cross-check and confirm the specifics of the land.
  • The software is free and takes little time to check Gujarat AnyROR records.
  • Government-verified forms for maintaining and updating land records online are available on the AnyROR Gujarat webpage. The many land record kinds are:
  • The Village Accountant or Talati obtains VF 6 (Village Form 6), which is also known as 7 12 Utara, Sat bara Utara, or AnyRoR Gujarat 7 12 online, to keep track of daily modifications to the land record. From VF 7, the survey number is obtained.
  • The VF 8A (Village Form 8A) contains khata information.
  • It is a Notice to Mutation, 135 D. The Village Accountant issues a 135D when a person submits a mutation application.

Features of Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online

The attributes of the AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat internet platform are lists below (anyror gujarat gov).

  • Users can quickly check the necessary details using the portal’s simple navigation feature.
  • The homepage of the website is dynamic and offers quick links to practically all of the services offered on the portal.
  • Users can choose from a variety of self-service choices.
  • One of the nicest characteristics of the others offered on the platform is quick access to information.
  • The portal’s multilingual data meets the needs of a diverse audience with various linguistic preferences.
  • Visitors can stay informed with the help of the circulars located at the bottom of the homepage.

The purpose of Gujarat Land Records

Your Gujarat Land Records (7/12, 8A, VF 6, and 135D) may be necessary for a number of reasons, including:

  • To establish land titles while buying, selling, or registering a piece of property.
  • Verify the status of the mutation.
  • To increase bank loans or agriculture credit.
  • To divide the land among family members.
  • For opening a bank account.
  • Legal reasons.
  • Personal objectives.

Gujarat AnyROR Portal: Services provided

The following services are offered by AnyROR Gujarat or the official website of the Gujarat government’s Revenue department (anyror gujarat gov):

  • Countryside Land Records
  • Urban Land Statistics
  • Gujarat 7-12 AnyRoR Online Property Search
  • Online applications through Integrated Online Revenue Applications to gain permission to purchase land, pay premiums, and other things (IORA)

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How to access AnyROR Gujarat’s Rural Land Records at

The steps listed below can help you check the rural land records on AnyROR Gujarat.

Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online
Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online
  • After that you will be taken to the next page.
  • From the “Select Anyone” drop-down menu, choose any of the options listed below.
    • Old Scanned Vf-7/12 Details
    • Know Khata By Owner Name
    • 135-D Notice For Mutation
    • Old Scanned Vf-6 Entry Details
    • Entry List By Month-Year
    • Vf-7 Survey No Details
    • Vf-8a Khata Details
    • Vf-6 Entry Details
    • New Survey No From
    • Old For Promulgated Village
    • Integrated Survey No Details
    • Revenue Case Details
  • Choose your district, taluka, and village, then fill the captcha code.
  • Select “Get Record Details” from the menu. The information will be presented digitally on the screen.

How to access AnyROR Gujarat’s Urban Land Records at

Urban land records can be checked on the AnyROR Gujarat website in a similar way to rural land records. To obtain urban land records from AnyROR Gujarat or anyror gujarat gov., follow the instructions listed below. –

Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online
  • The next page will be displayed after the redirect.
  • Choose any of the options from “Select Anyone” that are listed below.
    • Survey Number Details
    • Nondh Number Details
    • 135-D Notice details
    • Survey number by owner name
    • Entry list by month-year (details of notes by year and month)
  • Fill in the information in this stage, including
    • District
    • City Survey Number
    • Ward
    • Year
    • Month
  • After filling out the required information, click “Get Record Detail” and then enter the captcha code. The information will be available online.

How can I check the online AnyRoR Gujarat 8-12 or 8A land records?

The 8 12 or 8 A land records are accessible online through the AnyROR Gujarat website. Follow the procedures below to get the Gujarat 8A or 8 12 land records online.

  • First visit the Official website for AnyROR Gujarat (anyror gujarat gov).
  • The homepage will appear on your screen, where you select “View Land Record Rural” from the menu.
  • Select the 8A Khata specifics from the drop-down list on the following page.
  • Complete the remaining fields, including District, Taluka, Village, and Khata Number.
  • Fill in the Captcha Code.
  • Select Get Record Detail from the menu. The computer screen will provide the details of 8 12 or 8A land records on AnyRoR Gujarat.
How to use Property Search to check AnyROR Gujarat land records

The ‘Property Search’ feature on the AnyROR Gujarat portal enables you to look up land records. To get land records through Property Search, follow the steps listed below:

  • First visit the official website of AnyROR.
  • Select the “Property Search” link on the homepage.
  • You’ll be taken to the next page after that. Choose any of the options listed below under the “Select Any One” option.
    • Property Wise
    • Name Wise
    • Document number – year wise
  • District, Sub-Registrar Office, Index-2 Village, Property/Land Type, Search Type, TP/Survey/Value Zone, Applicant Name, Mobile Number, and Email ID are among the details that must be entered.
  • Type in the verification code that was provided to your cell phone number.
  • To access the documents, click CERSAI SEARCH. The information will be shown on the screen.
Contact Information form Gujarat’s Revenue Department 

The Gujarati government’s Revenue Department is a crucial division that offers essential services like the extraction, updating, and availability to land records. A citizen can contact the Revenue Department at the following address if they run into any issues when trying to access services online.

  • Department of Revenue,
  • New Sachivalay, Block No. 11,
  • Gandhinagar
  • Gujarat

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