Bhu Naksha Odisha 2024: Check District Wise at

A land map is a crucial paperwork to have, as is a map of a farm, a plot, or any other kind of land. Almost always, work involving income requires having it. In the state of Odisha, obtaining a land map online is now very straightforward because of the digitization of land records. For the benefit of the state’s residents, the government of Odisha has launched an online Bhulekh site. which you may now use to view or obtain all of the information about your land online. We are giving you information on the Bhu Naksha Odisha 2024 internet portal right now through this article. Stay with us till the finish for information on all kinds of Odisha land records.

Bhu Naksha Odisha
Bhu Naksha Odisha

What Is Bhu Naksha Odisha 2024?

The people who worked the land in the past had to stand in a very lengthy queue at either the Patwari or the Tehsil Office to get a map of the area. The offline process took far too long and involved a lot of work to finish in the allocated period. Additionally, people were harassed at that time if they tried to get information about the land or a map of the area. An applicant can now easily and conveniently obtain the Bhu Naksha Odisha map online without having to visit any offices in person. You can do this without going to any offices. Through the internet portal, you may now quickly access papers relating to land such as – a copy of Khata Khatauni, map, ROR, etc. We have included some significant facts and data in this article that can be utilised to access the maps online.

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Key Highlights of Map 

Launched ByGovernment of Odisha
Name of PortalBhu Naksha Odisha 2024
ObjectiveTo compile all pertinent data concerning land records into a single internet database
BenefitsThe Bhulekh Odisha map is available for download by state residents online.
Eligibility CriteriaResidents of Odisha
DepartmentRevenue & Disaster Management Department Government Of Odisha
Official WebsiteBhu Naksha

Objective of Bhu Naksha Odisha

Bhulekh Odisha’s main objective is to compile all pertinent data on land records into a single online repository. Residents of Odisha do not need to physically go to a government office to get information about land records. They will be able to access all of the data on the land record through the use of this gateway without having to leave the comfort of their own house. This strategy will raise the system’s level of openness while also saving a sizable amount of time and money. By entering the Bhulekh Odisha website, residents of Odisha can see a map of their homes.

Benefits of Bhu Naksha Odisha

  • To obtain a map of their property or farm, Bhubaneswar residents had to go to the tehsil office or patwari. This strategy required too much time and money, but not any more thanks to the opening of this site. The Bhulekh Odisha map is available for download by state residents at their homes.
  • Residents of Odisha can get map reports (ROR documents) online with a Khatian number.
  • Additionally, it will display precise land coordinates, and getting a land map is now quite straightforward.
Eligibility Criteria

The user of this portal must be an Orissan citizen in order to utilize it.

Documents Required
  • Proof of ownership
  • Certificate of Encumbrance EC
  • Land Taxes
  • Income statement
  • Aadhaar Card 
  • Voter ID
  • Ration Card

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Steps to check online Map under Bhu Naksha Odisha 2024

A village and district map are now available on the Odisha Bhunaksha Portal. The product offers online map data. Read the ways listed here to find the Bhulekh Odisha narrative online.

Bhu Naksha Odisha
Bhu Naksha Odisha Official Website
  • The first step after visiting the BhuNaksha Odisha website is to select your district from the list. After selecting the district and submitting the form, the website will open in a new tab or window.
  • The land map of your entire community will appear on the right side of the screen after you have selected your village. The Khatiyan (Khasra) number that relates to your land must be chosen in this.
  • The report of your land will be available to the left after selecting the Khatian number on the map. To see the Bhu Naksha, merely select the “Map Report” option.
  • You can examine a digital land map of your property as soon as you visit the website and select the Map Report option. You can access every piece of pertinent information relating to your land there.

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