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After a month-long summer break, schools resumed classes, and Chief Minister MK Stalin introduced the Ennum Ezhuthum scheme to close the achievement gap that the COVID pandemic had created among pupils under the age of eight. By 2025, the scheme hopes to have established fundamental literacy and numeracy. The Azhinjivakkam Panchayat Union Middle School in Tiruvallur hosted a launch celebration for it. A particular training programme for teachers was organised before this launch, and handbooks were issued to them. It was suggested that they choose an interactive teaching strategy and promote students’ reading of books and newspapers at the school library. To learn all the information about Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme 2024, including the requirements for participation, how to apply, and advantages, read the article below.

Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme All Details and Features Online Check

About Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme 2024

This programme was started when the covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of schools in Tamil Nadu state for more than 19 months. Regular classes alone cannot close this learning gap, thus. Thus, this programme has been introduced to assist each child on an individual basis. A high-level committee has been established for this reason. To evaluate and close the learning gap, the education department will give workbooks to children in Classes 1 through 3 as part of the initiative. A special training programme for teachers was held last week, and manuals were issued. It was suggested to teachers that they choose interactive teaching strategies and push kids to use the school library to read newspapers and books.

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Key Highlights of Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme

Launched ByGovernment of Tamil Nadu
Name of SchemeEnnum Ezhuthum Scheme 2024
ObjectiveThe scheme guarantees basic literacy and numeracy skills
BenefitsStudents in Classes 1 through 3 will receive workbooks from the education department
Eligibility CriteriaStudents from class 1st to 3rd
Official WebsiteAnnounced Soon

Objective of Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme

  • A programme designed to ensure that by 2025, all students in Tamil Nadu under the age of eight can read comprehension-level texts and do basic mathematical operations.
  • The programme helps the state’s young people with their academic endeavours.
  • The programme gives kids a good, structured introduction to education in order to close the achievement gap created by the Covid lockdown.
  • The program’s main objective is to promote fundamental literacy.
  • The initiative was developed to lessen the detrimental effects of the Pandemic on the educational system.
  • It seeks to guarantee basic literacy and numeracy.
  • Since it served as the foundation for children’s educational adventures, elementary education in particular required special attention. The government’s motto is “education for everyone.”
  • The student’s enthusiasm for learning will rise as a result of the activities included in this scheme.

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Features of Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme
  • MK Stalin, the chief minister, introduced the plan.
  • The syllabus for the scheme, which will allow each student to develop their unique skill set, has been drafted by a committee.
  • To share their opinions on the initiative, 92,386 primary school teachers showed up to the session. Based on their recommendations, the strategy was made.
  • The youngsters will teach English, Math, and Tamil.
  • The programme will enable the government to close the learning gap by 2025.
  • The program will begin in the academic year 2022–2023 and be continued through the academic year 2024–2025 to completely equip government and government-aided pupils in Classes 1–3.
  • As part of this programme, the education department would provide workbooks to kids in grades 1 through 3.
  • More and more teachers are creating lessons that include singing, dancing, puppetry, storytelling, etc.
  • At least 16 lakh pupils in the State will benefit from the programme.
  • The programme will emphasise mathematics, English, and Tamil.
  • For teachers, a manual outlining how to lead pupils through the programme has been created.
Eligibility Criteria 

The following qualifying requirements must meet in order to apply to the Tamil Nadu government:

  • The candidate must be a resident of Tamil Nadu.
  • This program is open to children in grades 1 and 3.

Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme Apply Online

Students who want to apply for the programme can do so via the official website. The webpage for the programme, however, has not been disclosed by the Tamil Nadu Government. We’ll update the scheme’s official website as soon as the government makes the announcement.

Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme FAQs

What does the Tamil Nadu Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme aim to achieve?

The programme helps the state’s young people with their academic endeavours. The programme gives kids a good, structured introduction to education in order to close the achievement gap created by the Covid lockdown.

In which state was the Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme launched?

The Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme was launched in Tamil Nadu.

Who made the Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme announcement?

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu implemented the scheme.

Can students in the fourth grade apply for the scheme?

No, students in grades 1st and 3rd may apply for the scheme.

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