Inter Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal Online Apply 2024

The Inter Caste Marriage Scheme has been launched by the West Bengal government. The Social Justice Departments of various states have launched a new scheme called the Inter Caste Marriage scheme for equality. Under this scheme, the government helps married couples by providing them financial support for those who marry inside a scheduled caste and a general caste. The pair should submit their marriage license and other crucial paperwork for this scheme. This will help the couple to get married in the finances regarding their marriage. For further information keep reading this article. All the important information regarding this scheme is given in this article that is needed.

Importance of Inter-Caste Mariage Scheme

It is important that caste discrimination is erased in the country and people are adapting to less discrimination among the citizens. The acceptance of inter-caste marriages is essential and helps to reduce the discrimination and its concept that the SC and ST populations go through. These schemes also promote openness acceptance and transparency and a culture that encourages variety and tolerance among various social groups. The lower and backward classes in India can benefit from this scheme. This scheme will help them with their financial expenses. Inter caste Marriage scheme is such a scheme that will enhance the marriages of SC and ST people.

Inter Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal
Inter Caste Marriage Scheme West Bengal

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The objective of the Inter-caste Marriage Scheme

The Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme is essential for eradicating caste disparities and fostering communal harmony. Inter-caste marriage acceptance, which is crucial, aids in lowering the marginalization and discrimination experienced by the SC and ST people. Additionally, these collaborations establish an environment that values diversity and tolerance among various social groups through cultivating openness and acceptance. Due to their marriages providing them with access to better opportunities and resources, the SC and ST populations also benefit from these connections in terms of their social and economic standing. These marriage ties also help to blend and unify India by encouraging a sense of common identity and unity among distinct societal groupings.

Key Highlights of Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

Name year of the schemeInter caste marriage scheme
Official site  
Launched byThe state government of West Bengal
ObjectiveTo create equality between the castes of Indian society
BenefitsInter-caste marriage scheme
BeneficiariesResidents of West Bengal
Application modeOnline and offline

Required Documents

  • A current passport-size image of the bride and groom should be provided.
  • A couple must provide a single passport-size photo of themselves.
  • A copy of the birth certificate or the results of the secondary school examination as proof of birth;
  • Address verification with proper attestation, such as a voter identification card, driver’s license, or Indian passport
  • If one spouse falls under the SC category and the other falls within a Non-scheduled caste, a Caste Certificate must be obtained from the appropriate authority.
  • An Income Certificate should be provided by the appropriate authority and is also required. If you are employed, please send your pay stub or certificate.
  • The Marriage Registration Certificate is necessary to complete the application.
  • A front-page copy of the joint bank account passbook that clearly displays the joint holder’s name, bank name, and branch location is required.

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Benefits of Inter Caste Marriage Scheme
  • The government provides a one-time financial award of between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 35,000 to eligible intercaste spouses.
  •  The pair must sign a contract and produce LSGI documents before getting any money.
  • The money will be used for starting a new company, building a house, or buying property. The proper use of the monies given must be verified by LSGI.

West Bengal inter-caste marriage apply online 2024

 Couples should follow the steps below to apply online. They are as follows:

  • The pair must first use an internet platform to finish the registration process. Complete the application form with the necessary details.
  • Following registration, a request for authorization by SMS will be sent to the couple’s registration number.
  • A Social Welfare representative verifies the information provided on the application form to see if it is accurate or not.
  • The couples will get their plan amount in a joint husband-and-wife account following on-site verification.

Contact details

Phone: 033 2337 1040

What is inter caste marriage scheme in West Bengal?

The inter-caste scheme in West Bengal was launched by the government for equality among the people of West Bengal. To stop caste discrimination.

What are the benefits of this scheme?

This scheme was launched by the West Bengal government for providing financial assistance to couples of intercaste and general caste.

Who is eligible for this scheme?

When two people of different castes marry, one partner must be from a Schedule Caste and the other from a non-Schedule Caste. Only this couple is eligible for this scheme.

Can I apply for this scheme online?

Yes, you can easily apply for this scheme on the official web portal of this scheme. You must fill the required documents for this scheme and get yourself registered.

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