Jagananna Arogya Suraksha: Dashboard Login for Fifth Phase Online

Jagananna Arogya Suraksha was created by the authority to provide proper opportunities for health Services. Healthcare camps will be provided to around 18.81 lakh households in the state. Surveys will be conducted for every household and the medical camps will then take place. People can visit the camps to be launched on 30th September 2023. This scheme is created to provide healthcare facilities to the people of the Andhra Pradesh state. People will be provided free medical treatments. The program will be implemented in both rural and urban areas. A dashboard is created for the scheme so that people can track their progress accordingly. Check more information about the dashboard login procedure here:

What is Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Dashboard?

Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Dashboard is created for the help of the people who will take advantage of the health camps. The Government of the Andhra Pradesh state has launched a new program across the state. In this program, campaigns will be conducted to monitor the health conditions of the people who are living in poverty. If you are someone who will be taking advantage of this scheme then you can check the dashboard by visiting the official website of the village ward secretariat. People can visit the official website and log in using their username and password to see the dashboard. Check the major details related to your health conditions by logging in on the official website.

Jagananna Arogya Suraksha
Jagananna Arogya Suraksha

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About Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Fifth Phase

Jagananna Arogya Suraksha’s Fifth Phase will be implemented by the Andhra Pradesh Government very soon. The scheme will provide health services to the citizens of the Andhra Pradesh state. Surveys will be conducted by the organization across the area to know the health status of the people. People who are suffering from various problems will be able to get medical treatments without any financial assistance. Medical camps will be set up by the Andhra Pradesh Government which can be used by the people from rural and urban areas. The camps will be free of cost so you do not have to pay any money to get your check up. Visit the camp now and get a lot of important medical treatments.

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Key Highlights of Jagananna Arogya Suraksha

NameJagananna Arogya Suraksha
Launched byAndhra Pradesh government
ObjectiveFree of cost medical treatments
BeneficiariesUrban and rural area residents of Andhra Pradesh State
Official Websitehttps://gramawardsachivalayam.ap.gov.in/GSWS/Home/Main

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Required Document for Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Dashboard Login

  • Username
  • Password
  • Aadhar number
  • OTP
Benefits of Jagananna Arogya Suraksha
  • If you see the dashboard of the scheme then you will get major information about the health status and the medical treatments that you will be getting.
  • The dashboard is also available for the employees of the Andhra Pradesh state through which they can easily monitor the patients.
  • Patients can check major information related to the dates of the camps and the area of the camps.
  • You can also fix a spot for yourself if you are checking the dashboard.

How to Do Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Dashboard Login?

Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Dashboard
Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Dashboard
  • You have to click on the Login option present on the homepage
  • Enter your username and password if you are an employee.
  • Click on the citizen login option if you are a citizen.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and verification code.
  • Enter the OTP by clicking on the Send OTP button.
  • You will now see the dashboard.

Contact Details

  • Email: gsws-support@ap.gov.in
  • Phone Number: 1902
How to do the Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Login?

If you want to do the login for the scheme then you need to visit the official website of the village ward secretary and click on the login option present on the menu bar.

What are the details needed to do the Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Login?

There is not much information required by the people to log in to the official website. If you are an employee then you need your username and password but if you are a citizen then you need your Aadhar number.

When can I do the Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Login?

If you have registered to appear for the camp then you can do the login by visiting the official website.

What are the details displayed if I do the Jagananna Arogya Suraksha Login?

If you log in to the official website then you get major information about the timings of the camps and the registration link which you can use to fix your spot at the camp.

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