Jagananna Vidya Kanuka: Login, Check Status, Beneficiary List

To uplift the education of the students who belong to the economically weaker sections, the Government of Andhra Pradesh state has started various initiatives. Among all of that initiatives in this article today we are going to talk about Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Yojana. Jagananna Vidya Kanuka 2024 has been started for the students from class first to 10th. If you are interested in knowing the benefits of the scheme along with eligibility criteria, the application process and more then you have to read this article very carefully. 

Jagananna Vidya Kanuka

About Jagananna Vidya Kanuka 2024

To buy educational kits, students have to spend a lot of money. Educational kits include bags, books, shoes, uniforms,s, and belts. Many students are not able to purchase these products due to weak financial backgrounds. To support such students government of Andhra Pradesh has started the Jagananna Vidya Kanuka scheme. Jagananna Vidya Kanuka was launched by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy on 8th October 2020. Under this came the government is going to provide educational kits to the students who are studying in Government schools.

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Highlights Of Jagananna Vidya Kanuka 

  • Name of the scheme: Jagananna Vidya Kanuka
  • Launched by: State Government
  • Launched for: school students
  • Launched in: Andhra Pradesh
  • Launched on: 8 October 2020
  • Department: Department of School Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh
  • Benefits: free educational kits
  • Official site: Jagananna Kanuka

Objective Of Jagananna Vidya Kanuka

The motive of the government of Andhra Pradesh behind starting this Yojana is to help the students who are starting in Government schools from class 1st to 10th by providing them with educational kits. Moreover, this scheme is going to promote education among the students from economically weaker sections. Now students need not worry about the money to buy books, uniforms, school bags, etc.


Jagananna Vidya Kanuka scheme is going to be implemented by the department of School Education, the government of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh government issued an order earlier on 12th March 2020 for the administrative permit to purchase educational kids and launch the scheme with effect from 8th October 2020. This scheme has been started to uplift the education among the students.

Benefits/ Features Of Jagananna Vidya Kanuka

  • This scheme is beneficial for school students
  • Various students across the Andhra Pradesh state will be benefited who are studying in government schools
  • Students must be starting in class first two class 10th in any government school situated in Andhra Pradesh.
  • This scheme is beneficial for around 43 students across the state
  • The State Government of Andhra Pradesh is going to spend approximately rupees 648.09 crores on this scheme
Educational kit

The government has included all the important items that are required for a student to go to school in these educational kits. Educational kits include the following items

  • School bag: There will be a school bag with a size matching the class of the student in which he/ she studying. This bag is for the students to carry the material to school.
  • School books: All the textbooks and notebooks which are required according to the class in which the student is studying will be provided.
  • School uniform: Students will get three pairs of uniforms as per the size and fit of the student.
  • Pair of shoes: Students will get one pair of shoes as per the size and fit of the student.
  • Pair of socks: students will get two pairs of socks 
  • Belt: Only one belt which is essential for the school uniform will be provided.
Eligibility Criteria
  • The student should be a permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh
  • Students must be studying in a government school
  • Students must be studying in class from first to 10th

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Application Procedure Under Scheme 2024

To get the benefits under the scheme students need not apply. There is no application procedure under this scheme. The government school students will get the benefits directly. 

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