NESL e-UDBHAVAM 2024 Portal: Online Registration and Login Procedure

If you want to sign your document online then you can easily install the official NESL e-UDBHAVAM 2024 Portal that is created to simplify the procedure of signing various documents in India which is otherwise impossible because in India there is a lot of paperwork needed for the different types of procedure that the candidates are taking into account. You can check out the details related to the online registration procedure in the login procedure that you need to follow in order to apply for the which are available on this platform. We will share with you all the important things related to the new platform created by the Karnataka government for the help of the citizens.


What is NESL e-UDBHAVAM 2024 Portal?

The NESL e-UDBHAVAM is created to provide proper opportunities related to the remote execution of the agreements in a completely automatic manner so that no person has to travel from one place to another to sign or execute the agreement in a physical form. This platform is created to provide digital stamping and signature so that a contract or a document is digitally signed by both parties without having to physically meet at a particular place. This is a very useful platform that is created to help the parties to contract and complete their one-time contract signing procedure through the development of this registration. You can easily register yourself at the official fire form and then you will be able to sign or contract any type of assignment without having to physically meet the opposite person.

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Benefits Of Portal

This new platform is created to help people who want to continue their businesses and are not able to travel for work easily. The businesses and the citizens will be able to sign the agreements online and the agreements will execute authentically without having to worry about the leakage of any legal document. The portal will help citizens from different departments to agree on a completely confidential agreement and they will be provided with all of the solutions under one portal only. The candidates will not have to pay any extra fees to use the features available on the official website and this is a very easy journey through which you will be able to get the official stamp papers and then the necessary documents. You can easily sign official documents also through the development of this official platform.

Objective Of NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal

The main objective of the scheme is to provide proper opportunities through the availability of signing and authenticating documents online without having to travel anywhere or any place. This is the first-ever information utility platform created by the organization which will solve the complicated procedure of signing and authenticating the documents by hand. This is a new platform that will help people take into account paperwork activities without having to worry about the lots of papers that they need to keep safe and secure. People need various kinds of details to consider any type of paperwork in India so this platform will help people to solve the complications that can come with signing important documents.

Services Available 

You can check out the details related to the services and the official documents that are available on this platform for you to undertake:-

  • Agreements: An agreement exists between every promise and every set of promises, which together constitute the consideration for each other. Examples are things like service agreements, lease agreements, worker and company contracts, etc.
  • Affidavits: A written statement that you swear to be accurate and that may be used as evidence in a legal proceeding, also known as a sworn/Affidavit statement. Common examples may include name changes of any person or Marriage-related documents such as divorce settlement cases.
  • Hypothecation: Deed of Hypothecation when a loan is given to buy something that can be moved, a deed is used to put a charge on the item as security for the loan. Eg property loans, or automobile loans.
  • Indemnity bond: This is a legal document that gives you the right to get money from the principal if something goes wrong, such as when you borrow money from a bank or give property to the true owners. Examples are when there is a death claim, a government compensation scheme, etc.
  • Pledge: A common example is putting gold in a bank to get a loan.
Documents Required

The following documents are required to successfully use the platform created by the organization:-

  • Mobile number 
  • E-mail ID 
  • PAN/EPIC information
  • Aadhaar
  • The agreement’s financial value is the amount of stamp duty due.

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NESL e-UDBHAVAM 2024 Portal Registration Procedure

If you want to register yourself then you will have to follow the simple procedure given below:-

  • You will first have to visit the NESL website of the organization by clicking on the link given here
NESL e-UDBHAVAM Official Website
NESL e-UDBHAVAM Official Website
Online Registration
New Registration
  • The registration form will open on your screen.
  • You have to start filling out the registration form with important information related to yourself.
  • Enter your mobile number, and email ID, and select your KYC ID, which can be either your PAN card or voter ID. 
  • After selecting them, you have to type in the ID number of that card. Then you have to type the password and Re-enter the same password. 
  • You have to verify your Aadhar Card and complete your KYC.
  • All details submitted will be displayed on the screen, and the user has to provide consent or acknowledgment.
  • An acknowledgment will be shown after submitting that says “Registration Successful”.
  • Similarly, firms, the party with whom the agreement has to be signed, have to follow these registration steps to proceed.

Documentation Adding and Stamp Obligation

If you want to upload the document and do this stamp procedure then you will have to follow the simple guideline given below:-

  • You will first have to visit the official website of the organization by clicking on the link given here
  • The home page will open on your screen where you will have to click on the option called Login
  • Enter your password.
  • 3 options will be asked of any one option you have to click. Execute New Agreements, View Transaction History, and View all Pending Agreements. 
  • Choose the reason you want and proceed further.
  • Then click the state of “Karnataka”.
  • Choose the type of document to be uploaded, not more than 5 Mb in size.
  • After that, “verify” and proceed.
  • Fill out the application form. 
  • The finer details of each of the parties involved will be shown; a preview of the terms of the settlement will be given, and then the first party will continue with the payment of the stamp requirement via the cost gateway.
  • First Occasion will allow NeSL to receive an e-Stamp from Inventory Holding Company of India Limited (“SHCIL”) by paying the required amount.
  • The relevant state authorities shall pay the applicable stamp duty according to the Stamp Act.
  • For any non-registrable settlement or contract that relates to monetary credit (lender and debtors) or operational credit (provider and purchaser) or other parties to the contract, the e-UDBHAVAM portal enables digital payment of Stamp Responsibility fees by utilizing the payment gateway within the digital e-Stamping ecosystem of NeST. This can be accomplished for any non-registrable settlement or contract that pertains to credit.
  • As soon as an electronic stamp is obtained, it is going to be affixed to the agreement as the primary page, and the remaining pages of the document are going to be combined and made into a single document before being given to the executor in the form of a single document.
E-Signing Procedure

You will have to follow the simple procedure given below to sign the documents online:-

  • On completion of the previous steps, you have to proceed to e-sign or electronic signature.
  • NESL portal will now in sequence get the signature or e-signature from the parties. It will first ask for an E sign to the first party, then the second, and then the third, according to the order given. Without having to talk to each other or any authority in person.
  • The document is based on Aadhar OTP or biometric signature, namely the biometric signature on the CDAC website, which is concerned with NESL or Digital Signature Certificates (DSC).
  • E-signatures are done by the CDAC website, which is an organization that works for the Ministry of Electronics and Info Know-how and is licensed by CCA to do e-authentication-based e-sign companies.
  • Email and SMS notifications are sent to the contending parties or the rest of the parties to let them know that they need to sign the agreement digitally to finish the execution process.
Contact Details 
  • 1800 599 2345.

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