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Each individual in India has a unique identification number that is an Aadhaar by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The Aadhar card, a biometric document that saves a person’s personal information in a government database, is quickly replacing other government documents as the foundation for social programmes and citizen services. While the government runs awareness programmes to raise knowledge of the Aadhar card’s multiple functions, many users may not be aware of all of them. PVC Aadhaar Card 2024 serves as identification documentation that people can use to get various government services.

PVC Aadhaar Card

What Is PVC Aadhaar Card 2024?

The PVC Aadhaar Card is one solution that tries to make this important document durable and portable. You will be able to reprint your Aadhaar number on a PVC card, according to the most recent version of the Aadhaar card, which is created from polyvinyl chloride and was introduced by UIDAI (PVC). Additionally, it is available in a debit card size, which makes it simple to carry in your wallet or purse.

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Key Highlights of Card

Launched ByGovernment of India
Name of ServicePVC Aadhaar Card 2023
ObjectiveUsed to utilised to obtain a number of government perks
BenefitsEvery person get a unique identification number
Eligibility CriteriaAll residents of India
Full Form of PVCPolyvinyl Chloride
Official WebsitePVC Aadhaar

The objective of PVC Aadhaar Card

The main objective of Introducing the PVC Aadhar Card is to provide a unique identification number to every individual of India, so they can enrol themselves in any government scheme or it is also an identity proof as a resident of India. 

Benefits of PVC Aadhaar Card

An Aadhar Card is a crucial piece of documentation for KYC, verification, and identification requirements. The following are some advantages of using an Aadhaar Card to expedite government and bureaucratic procedures:

Obtaining a Passport

Getting a passport can be a difficult process because it takes so much time. Making an appointment with the authorities, processing your application, sending the passport, and going through police verification checks are all parts of receiving a passport. The process of getting a passport used to take several weeks to complete, but now that more people are using Aadhar Cards, it is possible to speed up the process. People who want to get a passport can apply for one online by merely including their Aadhaar Card as their only form of identification and proof of address.

Opening Accounts in Banks

Opening a bank account may require using an Aadhar card. For KYC, identity, and verification purposes, the document may be used. When opening a bank account, financial institutions and banks accept Aadhaar Cards as sufficient evidence of address and photo ID.

Digital Life Certificate

The “Jeevan Pramaan for Pensioners” programme, popularly known as the “Digital Life Certificate,” was started by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The certificate’s purpose was to do away with the requirement that the pensioner be present in person to receive a pension for the continuance of their plan. Pensioners can now apply for a pension without leaving their homes because the agency can access their information digitally using their Aadhar Card numbers.

Jan Dhan Yojana

Your Aadhaar Card Number is the only piece of identification recognised by the Jan Dhan Yojna for opening a bank account. The programme is believed to provide significant assistance to persons in isolates and rural locations who wish to utilise bank services.

Paying out Provident Fund

Provident fund distributions can occur immediately to accounts through the PF organisation for people who link their Aadhar cards to their pension accounts.

Grants for LPG

The 17-digit LPG ID can link to an Aadhaar number, which would allow consumers to access the LPG subsidy directly in their own bank accounts.

Features of PVC Aadhar Card

  • It is highly practical to carry around because it is small enough to fit in a pocket.
  • PVC was used in its construction, which gives it strength and durability.
  • This PVC Aadhaar has recently been modified by UIDAI to include a hologram, a candidate’s ghost image, and an imprinted Aadhaar logo.
  • It is equipped with a cryptographically signed QR code. In terms of validity and use, it is equivalent to the original Aadhaar card in importance and weight. A modest charge of 50 INR must be paid when ordering a PVC Aadhaar card through the UIDAI portal (Indian Rupees).

Types of Aadhar Card

  • Aadhar Letter: Laminated paper with a secure QR Code and the Issue and Print Dates are one type of Aadhar Aadhaar letter. A free Aadhaar letter is sent to new enrollees and those who need biometric updates by mail. The resident can purchase a new copy of the Aadhaar letter from the UIDAI website for Rs. 50 if the original is lost or damaged. Residents receive speed-posted copies of Aadhaar letters.
  • E Aadhar: Digital format confirmed by UIDAI, eAadhaar has a password, an issue date, a download date, and a secure QR code for offline verification. Uasing their registered cellphone number and the UIDAI website, residents can easily obtain their eAadhaar or masked eAadhaar. Only the final four digits of the eAadhaar are visible.
  • On mobile platforms, users can download the mAadhaar app from UIDAI. The mAadhaar app is available for download on iOS and Google Play. It permits owners of Aadhaar cards to carry their CIDR-registered number, personal data, and photo. QR code for offline verification of an Aadhaar number. Like eAadhaar, mAadhaar can be downloaded for free and is automatically generated with every enrollment or update.
  • Aadhaar PVC Card: The most recent version of the Aadhaar to be made available by UIDAI is the Aadhaar PVC Card. In addition to being thin and durable, the PVC-based Aadhaar Card has a digitally signed Aadhaar secure QR code, a photograph, and demographic data. For a small fee of Rs. 50, you can purchase it online at uidai.gov.in or resident.uidai.gov.in by entering your Aadhaar number, Virtual ID, or Enrollment ID. The PVC Aadhaar Card is delivered via expedited mail to the resident’s registered address.

PVC Aadhar Card Costs

An individual must pay a small price of Rs. 50 to obtain a new PVC Aadhar card (Inclusive of GST & Speed Post Charges). You can apply for the PVC Aadhar card online and obtain it in 15 working days. You must pay the price of Rs. 50 solely online when applying for the PVC Aadhar card.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Every resident of India is eligible to apply for a PVC Aadhar Card.
  • There is no barrier for childrens, adults and older people or no age barrier for individuals.
Documents Required
  • Mobile number of applicant
  • Aadhaar number
  • Enrolment ID
  • Virtual ID

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Procedure to Download PVC Aadhaar Card 2024 Online

You can request a PVC card Aadhar reprint via the UIDAI website. How to print an Aadhaar card again

  • Applicants, first need to visit the UIDAI PVC Aadhaar webpage. The home page will now show up.
  • On the UIDAI homepage, you have to click on “my Aadhaar.”
  • After that, a new page will appear on your screen, where you need to select the “Download PVC” and “Get Aadhaar” options. The phrase “Download Aadhaar PVC” will once more appear on your screen.
  • Enter your Aadhaar and verification code accurately. If your mobile number is not connected to your Aadhaar, click “My mobile number is not registered.”
  • Type in your cell phone number. Enter the OTP on your phone after hitting “Send OTP.”
  • Aadhaar card sneak peek. After you’ve checked all the information, click “Make Payment.”
  • This preview won’t function if your mobile number isn’t connected to your Aadhaar.
  • Make the payment after choosing a payment gateway.
  • You were able to successfully print a new PVC Aadhaar card.

Process to Get a PVC Aadhar Card Online

  • Applicants first need to visit the UIDAI official webpage. The home page will now show up.
  • On homepage, you have to visit the “My Aadhar” area and log in using your information.
  • After logging in successfully, select Order PVC Aadhar card from the menu.
  • The screen will show a fresh page.
  • You may get information about your Aadhar Card on this page.
  • Select the following choice to proceed.
  • The payment page will be opened after the redirect.
  • There will be a 50 rupee application fee.
  • To order it, pay the online fee and select the order option.
Steps to Check Your Aadhaar and Permanent Voter Card Status Online
  • Applicants need to go to the UIDAI Aadhaar card’s official website.
  • My Aadhaar can be chosen on the homepage from a drop-down menu.
  • Click on Check Aadhaar Card Update Status to continue.
  • A brand-new form page opens. You must accurately input the Aadhaar, Service Request, and Captcha digits.
  • Click to check the status once all the information has been entered.
  • The status of the PVC Aadhaar Card is now visible.
  • At this point, your screen will show the PVC Aadhaar Card’s current status.

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