Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra 2024: Registration, Fees and Services List

Today, we will provide you with all of the information you need about Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra. The Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra functions similarly to a common service center. The Central Government operates Sahaj Jan Seva. If you are unemployed and looking for work, you can visit the government-run Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra. If you are unemployed and looking for work, you can visit the government-run MP Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra. In this essay, we shall explain what Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra is. What is its function? What are its advantages and amenities are available in, and so on? You should read our post till the end for more details.

Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra

About Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra

The Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra will assist you in applying for the government-launched initiative. You may also get papers like PAN cards, Aadhar cards, residency certificates, income certificates, caste certificates, and so on from this location. A person from any city, hamlet, or town can visit this center. You simply need to apply to work at MP Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra. This allows you to make between 100 and 1000 rupees every day while sitting at home. The energy, water, and cellphone bills may all be paid this way. In addition, Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra provides 100 to 200 services. You may generate money by charging customers fees for this. The Government of India administers Sahaj Jan Seva Limited. This institution provides access to all types of online applications. If your city, village, or town does not have a Seva Kendra, you can get a job by establishing one.

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Key Highlights of Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra

Launched ByGovernment of India
Name of SchemeSahaj Jan Seva Kendra
ObjectiveAll Indian individuals in their city, village, or town have access to all forms of application services
BenefitsIt is also an employment opportunity 
Eligibility CriteriaPermanent citizen of India
Official websiteJan Seva Kendra

Objective of Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra

The primary goal of MP Sahaj registration is to offer individuals in all villages, cities, and towns near their homes with the ability to make all types of government applications. People will no longer have to visit government offices because of these facilities. If people do not know how to apply online, they can go to these locations and pay fees to apply online. The government also intends to provide job opportunities through it.

Benefits and Features of Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra

  • All forms of government services, such as applying for an Aadhar card, a PAN card, or a ration card, are available through the Madhya Pradesh Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra. Is carried out.
  • This centre provides job opportunities to all unemployed persons.
  • You may make between $100 and $1,000 per day by working at this location.
  • It not only provides government services, but also many other services like as bill payment, e-learning, insurance coverage, and banking services.
  • If there is a Sahaj Seva Kendra in your neighborhood, you would not have to go from office to office to apply for government employment.
  • As a result, your time will be saved, and you will not experience any complications.
  • If you don’t know how to apply online, you can do it through this center.

Services Provided by Sahaj Seva Kendra 

Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra offers five types of services: Sahaj Government Services, Sahaj Mitra Banking Service, Sahaj Mitra Security Service, Save Mitra Education Service, and Sahaj Mitra Pay Service. Let us go through these five forms of service in further detail.

Government Services Sahaj (Sahaj Government Service)

All forms of government services have been maintained in this service. Such as the ability to create a PAN card, a ration card, a fast tech facility, the ability to create any type of land document, and so on.

Sahaj Mitra Banking Service

This financial service includes all forms of bank-related services. You can, for example, create an account, obtain an FD, deposit or withdraw funds, and so on.

Sahaj Mitra Suraksha Survey

You may acquire any sort of insurance from any insurance provider using this service, including life insurance, auto insurance, and health insurance.

Sahaj Mitra Education Service

As you are all aware, the internet has now become a medium of education. As a result, the government has launched an e-education service through Sahaj Seva Kendra. Save Mitra Education Service provides video lectures. You can improve your abilities. You can take a computer class.

Sahaj Mitra Pay Service

You may pay any form of the bill via the Sahaj Mitra Pay Service, including power bills, cellphone recharges internet bills, and dish bills.

Documents Required
  • Passport Size Photograph Of the Applicant
  • Police Verification Of Saved Applicant
  • Computer Certificate
  • 10th Or 12th Pass Certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Bank Passbook And Canceled Check

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Application Procedure for Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra

You may apply for Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra through both an online and offline approach. If you wish to apply offline, you must go to the Sahaj Seva Kendra office in your city and apply for Sahaj Seva Kendra there. If you wish to apply online, you must complete the steps outlined below.

Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra
  • Now the home page will open on your computer screen. On the home page, now you need to sarch for the registration form and click on it.
  • After that you need to select the link for the new registration tab.
Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra
  • Now a new window will appear in front of you, in which you will be asked for information such as the category you want to apply for, which plan you want to apply for, and so on.
  • Sahaj Mitra must be chosen from the category.
  • Now you must fill out your information in five phases, such as providing your primary information, bank details, and so on.
  • Following that, you must successfully upload all of the essential papers.
  • You must now click the submit button.
  • Your Sahaj Mitra has been successfully registered on the platform.

How to Check Madhya Pradesh Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra Registration Status

  • First and foremost, you must visit the official website.
  • The home page will now appear in front of you. On the main page, look for the gender of the register and click on it.
  • After then, you must Know Registration Status click on the link of
Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra
  • A new window will now appear in front of you, in which you must enter the requested information such as your registration number, name, and so on.
  • You must now click the submit button. Your registration status will now be displayed to you.
  • You may also contact customer service to find out the status of your registration. He will also inform you of the status of your registration.
Procedure to do log in to Sahaj Portal and Steps to check how much time is needed for login

If you receive a Sahaj Login ID after registering, you may easily log in; simply follow the steps outlined below to access the Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra official website.

  • The home page will now appear in front of you. The option to log in will be shown on the main page.
  • Enter your username and password here, then click the login button.
  • You will now be able to access your Sahaj ID.
  • If you are signing in for the first time, you will be required to enter your banking information as well as your GST number. If you have both of these pieces of information, fill it out; otherwise, skip it and continue.
  • You will now view all of the services accessible on the Sahaj Portal. You may select the service you wish to use by clicking on it.
Contact Details

CSC Sahaj Mitra toll free number – 1800-419-0250

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