Tatkal Passport: Apply Online, Check Documents and Application Fee

Any citizen who wishes to visit a foreign country must have a valid passport. An applicant could occasionally require the passport right away. There is a provision to apply for a “Tatkal Passport” under such circumstances. The government of any nation issues passports to its residents, and they are very vital documents for anyone who lives there. For this reason, the Central Government has introduced the Tatkal Passport. A passport is an official document that grants a citizen a guarantee of residence upon entry into a foreign nation. Additionally, the Passport and Visa Division of the Ministry of External Affairs has given the consulate the charge of overseeing the issuance of passports to Indian citizens. Through this essay, we will give you all the information you need to know about tatkal passports today.

Tatkal Passport
Tatkal Passport

About Tatkal Passport

Despite the lengthy nature of the passport application process, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has devised mechanisms for the quick issuance of the passport under the “Tatkal plan.” Tatkal Passport makes it possible for anyone who has a pressing need to travel abroad to apply for and receive their passport quickly. You can look through the tatkal application for both new and reissued passports. Previously, a Verification Certificate from a Gazetted Officer was necessary for Tatkal passports. Since it was no longer necessary, people can now obtain passports in an emergency. Tatkal passport applications must also be submitted online via the Passport Seva Portal. The applicants must show up for the in-person interview to verify their documentation. Applicants can anticipate the passport to be sent out within a day after the documents have been validated and “Granted”.

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Key Highlights of Passport

Launched ByMinistry of External Affairs (MEA) 
Name of PostTatkal Passport
ObjectiveCitizens who require passports immediately will receive them
BenefitsOn urgent passport needs, citizens will be able to obtain immediate passports
BeneficiariesCitizens of Country
Application ProcessOnline\Offline
Official Websitehttps://www.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/welcomeLink#

Objective of Tatkal Passport

Tatkal passports’ primary goal is to force residents to obtain their passports instantly, although, under this system, only those nationals will be deemed qualified if they have a valid reason to do so. Accordingly, residents don’t require a drawn-out procedure or any other headache to obtain a passport. Instead, they simply need to use the same techniques they use to obtain authorization for all of their official paperwork. The government grants similar authorization to its less fortunate residents through the Tatkal Passport programme, under which it is issued as quickly as feasible in accordance with the payments for some other passports. In addition, there are other websites available for creating these passports.

Payment of Tatkal Passport Fees

The Tatkaal passport fee schedule and payment procedure are listed below:

DescriptionTatkal Fee
New passport with a 10-year expiration date (including minors 15 to 18 years who want to get a 10 years full validity passport).Rs.3500
New passport of 60 pages with a 10-year validity period.Rs.4,000
New Minor Passports are valid for 10 years if they are under the age of 15.Not relevant
If the original passport is lost, destroyed, or stolen, a 36-page duplicate is available.Rs.5,000
Duplicate passport of 60-page for a lost, broken, or stolen one.Rs.5,500
Certificate of Police Clearance, ECNR, and Additional EndorsementsNot relevant
If you have changed your address, name, date of birth, place of birth, appearance, spouse’s name, name of your parents or legal guardian, or any other personal information, please fill out the 36-page form below (10 years validity)Rs.3,500
If your address, name, date of birth, place of birth, appearance, spouse’s name, name of your parents or legal guardian, or any other personal information has changed, please update your information (60 pages) (10 years validity)Rs.4,000
If you have changed your address, name, birth date, place of birth, appearance, legal guardian’s name, or any other personal information pertaining to a child, please contact us (36 pages)Rs.3000
Eligibility Criteria

The Passport Office with tatkal passport jurisdiction will make the final determination regarding passport issuing. According to this, before making a judgement, the necessity of the passport as well as the applicant’s compelling circumstances will be taken into account. Additionally, much emphasis will be placed on the fact that anyone who fits under one of these categories is ineligible to apply for a passport or renew under this particular programme.

  • Changes to one’s signature or other identification information.
  • Lost or stolen passport.
  • A significant change in gender or appearance.
  • Passport validity is briefly extended
  • Passports that clearly show signs of deterioration.
  • Only young children live with their parents.
  • Adopted kids from Indian and international parents.
  • Youngsters in Nagaland.
  • Citizens who currently reside abroad but were born in Nagaland.
  • Jammu and Kashmir native.
  • Local Nagaland residents. applicants who have travelled abroad on government-funded repatriation.
  • Applicants who were deported to India while living abroad.
  • Those whose well-known names have changed.
  • Individuals who have been naturalised or who have been registered as Indian citizens.
  • Indian-born citizens who were born abroad to Indian parents.
  • Additional details regarding this source text For further information regarding the translation, consult the source text.
Documents Required
  • Property document
  • Pension document
  • Railway photo identity card
  • SC/ST/OBC certificate.
  • Identity card of freedom fighters
  • Arms licence
  • Verification certificate as prescribed in Annexure F.
  • Election card
  • Service photo identity card.
  • Driver’s licence
  • Birth certificate
  • Gas connection bill
  • PAN card issued by Income Tax Department
  • Bank passbook
  • Identity card of the student from a recognized institution
  • Ration magazine

Application Procedure for Tatkal Passport

The following steps must be followed in order to apply for a Tatkal Passport, which has been made available for the nation’s most vulnerable citizens. If these citizens need to travel abroad for whatever reason, they may use this passport.

  • You must first go to the Passport Seva Tatkal website. The website’s home page will then appear in front of you.
Tatkal Passport Registration
Tatkal Passport
  • You must log in on the website’s home page by providing your ID and password. The following page will then appear in front of you.
  • You have to choose the appropriate option from the two that are presented to you here: Fresh and Reissue.
  • The application form will then be shown in front of you when you have selected the Tatkal option from the kind of scheme.
  • Now you must enter all the information requested in the application form and upload all the required papers.
  • After completing this online application form, your application procedure will be finished.
  • You must now print out your online payment receipt before scheduling an appointment at the closest Passport Seva Kendra.

Contact Details

If you have any query regarding this Tatkal Passport service then visit the official website to get more information.

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