AP Marriage Registration 2024: Apply Online and Reissue Registration

An important legal document that certifies a couple’s marriage is the marriage certificate. This serves as proof that a couple’s marriage is valid. It also fulfills its function in a variety of procedures. In 2006, the Indian Supreme Court mandated that marriages be registered. For the purpose of registering marriages, India has three Acts. The Special Act of 1954 applied to all Indian citizens, the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 to the Hindu community and the Muslim Act of 1954 to the Indian Muslims. AP Now that the marriage certificate process is online, it is simpler. This document has various advantages, including traveling overseas, in cases of property, in divorce cases, etc. Read this post in its entirety from beginning to end if you want to be aware of all the information relating to AP Marriage Registration 2024.

AP Marriage Registration
AP Marriage Registration

About AP Marriage Registration 2024

The AP Marriage Registration 2024 Certificate is now required for married couples in Andhra Pradesh. Let us inform you that the Sub Registrar can be used to complete this registration. Additionally, it will guarantee verification by the Marriage Registration Act. Even today, if the bride and groom are both Hindus and get married in a consented ceremony, the Hindu Marriage Act still holds. And this marriage’s registration should be completed. However, the Hindu Marriage Act prohibits the registration of a marriage in which the male and the woman are from different castes. A citizen might receive numerous perks if he registers his marriage. Additionally, numerous other government services require this document to be utilized.

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Key Highlights of AP Marriage Registration

Launched ByAndhra Pradesh Government
Name of SchemeAP Marriage Registration 2024
ObjectiveMarriage registration
BenefitsFor a marriage to be recognized as legal and valid under the Hindu Marriage Act, it must be solemnized
Eligibility CriteriaMarried couples of AP
BeneficiariesCitizen of Andhra Pradesh
Official WebsiteAP Marriage

Objective of  AP Marriage Registration

The Andhra Pradesh government has made the Marriage Registration Certificate a requirement. The Sub Registrar can use it to apply for registration. From the perspective of the law, this will guarantee verification and certification. The traditional ritual marriage is significant, but it is not legally binding until it is recorded in documents. When the bride and the groom are both Hindus, the Hindu Marriage Act is valid. Under the Hindu Marriage Acts, a marriage cannot be registered if the man and female are from different castes. The application must be submitted with the signatures of both parties.

Features of AP Marriage Registration

The following rule, which applies to both Andhra Pradesh and the entirety of India:-

  • The Special Marriage Act of 1954 covers marriages in other religions. If the bride is a Hindu and the groom is a Christian, for example.
  • if the bridegroom and both are Muslims.
  • A gazetted officer must certify the paperwork needed for marriage certificate registration in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Although there may be different application fees, the Special Marriage Act’s charge is simply Rs 200.
  • Even within the terms of the Hindu Marriage Act, a marriage is void if it is not by Sections 5 and 7 of the Act.
  • For the Hindu Marriage Act to be recognized as legal and valid, the marriage must be solemn.

Information Required for AP Marriage Registration Form Submission

The applicant must have the required info to submit a marriage registration application.

  • There are two witnesses from each party (full details i.e. name, adhar number, occupation, relationship with applicants, age, residence proof, photo)
  • Where the marriage is planned in the taluk and district
  • Date of wedding
  • Identifiers of the partners (full)
  • Both a person’s caste and faith
  • A good age to get married.
  • Both parties’ respective professions
  • A fixed address before getting married
  • Dates of both parties’ birth
  • Full name of the father (both sides)
  • Complete the name of your mother (both sides)
Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who want to register under AP Marriage Registration must be a resident of Andhra Pradesh and must marry under the Hindu Marriage act.

Documents Required

The following important documents must both be present when the bride and groom file for marriage registration. You cannot apply for marriage registration if you lack any of the following paperwork.

  • Wedding invitation card
  • Marriage memorandum
  • Age proof
  • Proof of residence
  • 3 passport size photographs of both the bride and groom
  • SSC certificate of both
  • A marriage application

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How can I apply for an Andhra Pradesh marriage certificate?

The process for submitting an online application for new marriage registration is provided below. Let us assure you that this application will be approved once you follow the steps. where you can apply for AP Marriage Registration: –

  • First, go to the Government of Andhra Pradesh’s Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration AP Marriage website. The website’s home page will then appear there.
AP Marriage Registration Portal
AP Marriage Registration Portal
  • You must select the Online Services option from the main menu after visiting the website’s homepage.
  • You must now select the Marriage Registration option from a drop-down list. A sub-menu item will then appear in front of you.
  • You must select “File your new registration” from the two choices on this sub-menu.
AP Marriage Registration Portal
Marriage Registration Online

Applicant’s Information (Witness Information)

  • Here, you must first provide information on the witness from the groom’s side.
  • Both the bride and the groom are aware of specifics on the bride’s side of the witness.
  • You must upload the required papers in the two subcategories General Documents and Personal Documents under the checklist option.

The Applicant’s Information (General Information)

  • All of the candidates’ general information will be provided here.
  • The prospective groom will fill out all pertinent information, including his complete name, father’s name, religion, and other details.
  • The bride will next enter all of the pertinent details, such as her complete name, her father’s name, her religion, etc.

Applicant’s information (General and Personal Documents)

  • In a standard document, you must attach supporting materials like a wedding invitation card, etc.
  • After that, it will be necessary to upload personal documents such as birth certificates and ration cards.
  • Separate paperwork should have the bride’s and the groom’s signatures.
  • Your AP Marriage Certificate will register in this manner when you have provided all the necessary information.

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