E Shram Card Balance Check: ई श्रम कार्ड बैलेंस चेक 2024- State Wise Link

It is well known that the E-shram card programme was started by the Indian federal government to offer financial support to those who work in the unorganised sector. As a result of the plan’s provision of financial assistance, 11 lakh workers in the nation’s unorganised sector are currently enrolled in the programme. All employees who have registered on the E-Shram Portal will receive Rs 1000 from the Indian government, but only those who qualify. The beneficiary must use their login ID to verify the preliminary list of scheme beneficiaries that will be posted on the official website. The question that has to be addressed is how participants in the programme can determine how much money has been placed into their accounts as a result of the programme. In this article, we’ll discuss the E Shram Card Balance Check procedure as well as the benefits and aims of this feature.

About E Shram Card Balance Check

The E Shram Portal allows qualified workers to register themselves, and they can use it to monitor the status of the funds they have received from the appropriate authorities. The central government just incorporated this feature after releasing the instalment to the qualified workers who have registered for the programme. The entire sum of the instalment is one thousand rupees. Beneficiaries can check the E Shram Card Balance Check and the status of their account by visiting the website and following the straightforward instructions. You must include all necessary details while applying for this card, like your name, address, occupation, and so on. Updates regarding the Shramik Card payment status have been posted on the pfms website. All qualified candidates can register for E-shram online and obtain their E-shram cards online. The recipients will begin receiving instalment payments on time once they are enrolled.

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Key Highlights of E Shram Card Balance Check

Launched ByPM Narendra Modi
Name of SchemeE Shram Card Balance Check
ObjectiveTo provide an ease to check the account balance
Procedure Online
Check the Balance of an E Shram Card on a Mobile Number14434
Under E Shram Card InstallmentsGovernment of INDIA 
BeneficiariesE Shram card holders
Official WebsiteE Shram Card Website

Objective of E Shram Card

The only goal of the was to assist registered labourers under this card in confirming payments they would get via this plan. Recipients can now instantly verify their status after the federal government provides them with the initial payment of one thousand rupees. Without having to physically visit any of the sites, they can inspect the convenience of their own homes or use mobile devices.

Benefits of E Shram Card Balance Check

You should use an online E-shram card for several reasons and benefits, including the following:

  • With the e-shram card, workers can sign up for the card online independently.
  • The workers can use this system to view the status of their accounts as well as the instalment payments that are paid to them.
  • One thousand rupees will be deposited into the bank accounts of eligible beneficiaries. Only registered users can access the information while staying in the comfort of their own homes, too.
  • With the help of the 12-digit unique number you receive from the Shram card, you are recognized in the government sectors as a member of the uncategorized group, and as a result, you are eligible for benefits from them.
  • Checking is a straightforward process that may be carried out quickly and easily on a computer or mobile device. Having internet connectivity and having an account set up for an e-sham card are the only two requirements.
Eligibility Criteria 

Any beneficiary who has signed up for an E-shram card may view the status of their account by logging in. Therefore, the status is visible to all users who have already signed up for the E shram Card.

Documents Required

Important Basic Document items that need to be checked the balance include:

  • Phone Number.
  • Email ID
  • Login information.

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How to Check E Shram Card Balance Online

The enrollees of E- Sharm Card can check their balance by following the given instructions:

E Shram Card Balance Check
E Shram Card Balance Check
  • Once the page has finished loading, a new tab will open with the E Shram Card Balance Payment Status 2022 Check Page.
  • This is a Login tab, a username and password are provided. You’ll see a dashboard in front of you.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, select Check Payment Status or Know Your Payment Option.
  • Either the PFMS Page or the E Shram Card Balance Payment Status 2022 Online Check Page will be displayed to you.
  • Enter your UAN number or Aadhar card information now, along with any other information that may be required.
  • Simply click the icon to check your status button below.

Contact Details

  • If you have any queries regarding the process of checking your balance, then contact to the given number
  • Deputy Secretary (eSHRAM Portal)
  • Ministry of Labour & Employment
  • Govt. of India, Jaisalmer House
  • Mansingh Road. New Delhi-110001 India
  • Phone number: (011) 23389928

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