MGNREGA Works List 2024: Online Check and Download Worker List PDF

MGNREGA Works List is a particular kind of online tool that allows individuals to view the work list for MGNREGA. The Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act, which was created in 2005 by the Central Government, is known by its full name. The workers in rural areas are given a variety of employment under this programme so they can support their families without having to engage in menial labour. Through this article, we will today provide you with all the information you require regarding the MGNREGA Works List 2024. Stay with our post through to the finish if you want to learn everything there is to know about MGNREGA Job Card List. The online mgnrega works list payment process has already begun. Various tasks are being completed under this scheme.

MGNREGA Works List
MGNREGA Works List

About MGNREGA Works List 2024

The MAHATMA GANDHI NATIONAL RURAL EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEE ACT 2005, also known as the MGNREGA, guarantees that local jobs would be provided to villager enrollees. The MGNREGA Works List is a crucial component of the MGNREGA Scheme, an online service provided by the Union Ministry of Rural Development. Any member of the nation can simply obtain information about the numerous agendas offered under the MGNREGA plan through this web service while seated at home. Villagers participating in the MGNREGA Act receive 100 days of local employment each fiscal year. Let us inform you that the government has begun the online payment process for MGNREGA Works List. Visit the MGNREGA website,, to view this Works List if you are an interested citizen. Additionally, through the official website, residents can get the MGNREGA Job Card List.

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Key Highlights of MGNREGA

Launched ByUnion Ministry of Rural Development
Name of SchemeMGNREGA Works List 2024
ObjectiveOffering online access for citizens to agenda items pertaining to MGNREGA
BenefitsAbility to View Works List Online
Eligibility CriteriaCitizens of Country
Application ProcedureOnline Mode
CatogeryCentral Government Schemes
Official WebsiteMGNREGA

Objectives of MGNREGA Works List

The Ministry of Rural Development of the Government of India launched an online project called MGNREGA Job Card List with the primary goal of enabling the people of the nation to view the list of various occupations to be supplied under MGNREGA. With the use of this initiative, every Indian person can readily obtain information about the MGNREGA schedule and payments while at home without having to travel to any offices or departments. The citizens will save time and money using this online service, and the system will become more transparent as a result. The MGNREGA programme serves as a tool for registered rural workers, enabling them to support their livelihoods without engaging in menial labour.

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List of MGNREGA Works List 2024

  • Construction of PMAY building for community
  • Construction of state schemes
  • Construction of Anganwadi buildings for the community
  • The construction of gram panchayat
  • Construction of food grain storage building
  • Construction of kitchen shed/ Bharat Nirman Seva Kendra building for community
  • Repair and maintenance of the building
  • Construction of agriculture produce shoulder building for groups
  • Construction of stone peripheral field Bund community repair and maintenance of stone-graded Bund community
  • Construction of feeder Canal community

Online MGNREGA Works List Payment

  • The government currently uses an internet method to send funds to MGNREGA participants’ registered bank accounts. The department will need the beneficiary workers’ Aadhar card numberss, bank account numbers, mobile numbers, and other personal details for this.
  • Following that, the money is sent to the employee’s bank account by the department using the Aadhar card’s associated number or the account number provided in the bank account.
  • Additionally, the government has posted the MGNREGA Works Payment List 2022–23 online at, where interested employees can check to see if their name is included in the payment list.
  • The Payment Performance Dashboard on the official website must be logged into by the employees before they can get information about the cost of the individuals.

Key Facts for MGNREGA Job Card List

  • Through the MGNREGA website, interested workers can obtain an MGNREGA Job Card.
  • All the information required on the employee’s tenure and pay can be found on this job card list.
  • In disadvantaged households, particularly those from rural areas, the MGNREGA programme is commonly referred to as the Mahatma Gandhi Job Card.
  • If the workers are not given work within the allotted 15 days under the MGNREGA programme, the government will pay them an employment allowance.
  • In order for citizens to have access to all MNREGA-related services at any time and from any location, the government has made all of these services digitally available.
  • By looking up their names in the MGNREGA Works List 2022–23, candidates can now effortlessly obtain this list while relaxing at home.
  • Candidates seeking additional information about this programme should go to the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India’s official website at

Verify Your Name on the Works List for 2024

To check their names in the MGNREGA Job Card List you have to follow this procedure:-

  • To check your name on the MGNREGA Works List, you must first Click Here. Your screen will now display a new page.
MGNREGA Works List
MGNREGA Works List
  • You would have seen a list of the various states and union territories on this new page. From the numerous options provided in this list, you must select your state.
  • A new page will then appear in front of you after this. On this new page, you must now enter the information for your fiscal year, district, block, and panchayat.
  • On this new website, a list of all the names of the beneficiaries will be provided. You must now click on the selection for your name in this list.
  • Your MGNREGA Job Card will then appear on your screen and be available for download.

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