Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme 2024: How to Online Apply

The State Government of Karnataka yet again announced the latest government initiative scheme for the women of the state i.e., the Anila Bhagya Scheme. It will help the residents of Karnataka with the facilities that are connected to fuel. Under the Karnataka Anila Bhagya Scheme, the government is providing free LPG connections, double gas burner stoves, and two-cylinder refills to the economically weaker families of the states. The benefit of the Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme is available to all citizens who meet the eligibility requirements. You can apply through both online and offline procedures for the Anila Bhagya Scheme.  After that the government processes and releases the benefits of the program within 30 days of the application being submitted.

Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme
Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme

Overview of Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme

The Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme is a great initiative by the state government of Karnataka. Which they offer free LPG connections, twin gas burner stoves, and two-cylinder refills to beneficiaries in the state through the Scheme. By registering for the Scheme, be it online or offline, applicants can take advantage of the scheme’s benefits. The Anila Bhagya Scheme would maintain the health of families benefiting from this Scheme and shield them from the harm caused by cons. Any BPL person who hasn’t utilized the free LPG connection benefits offered by the government’s PM Ujjwala Yojana can submit an online application for the Yojana.

Objective of Karnataka Anila Bhagya Scheme

The primary objective of the Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme is to help the weaker section of society obtain a free and conventional LPG connection. The gas-providing facilities are working hard to improve the infrastructure in the state’s rural areas through this scheme and as a result, all eligible households and citizens in the state will have access to cylinders and gas facilities. Additionally, under the Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme, the state government would give two-burner gas stoves to all qualified homes in the state. This way every household in Karnataka will have a decent gas connection and they can live their life happily.

Key highlights of Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme

Scheme nameMukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme
Launched byThe state government of Karnataka
ObjectiveTo help the citizens of Karnataka with LPG connections
BeneficiariesBPL Citizens of Karnataka
Application modeOnline
Official websiteLaunching soon

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Eligibility criteria

  • Citizens who want to take advantage of this program must be natives of the state of Karnataka.
  • Only state residents who are struggling to make ends meet will be eligible for this program’s benefits.
  • This program will be available to all construction employees who are registered with the Karnataka Building and Other Construction employees Board but do not have an LPG connection.
  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) and Priority Household (PHH) ration card holders who do not have an LPG connection may benefit from this program.
  • Candidates who have an Aadhaar number may apply under this.

Benefits and features of Anila Bhagya Scheme

  • The state government of Karnataka would pay a subsidy of Rs 1,920 per family under the Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme.
  • LPG is a smokeless cooking fuel that improves both health advantages and the standard of living for the citizens who benefit from this program.
  • The Karnataka government launched the Anila Bhagya Scheme to offer fuel-related advantages to the state’s BPL card holders.
  • The state government will grant a free LPG gas connection, a double gas hob stove, two refills, etc. under this program to qualified BPL families in the state.
  • Through this, all of the state’s qualified residents will have access to a cost-effective, environmentally friendly method of cooking that also minimizes waste.
  • A conservative estimate based on information collected indicates that the state government will also deliver this scheme’s benefits to around 5 lakh state families.
Required Documents

Below are the details of the necessary document for this scheme:

  • Photo the size of a passport
  • Card Aadhar
  • Residential Permit
  • Snack Card
Selection Process
  • Beneficiaries are chosen by a selection and monitoring committee at the district level, which is under the direction of the Minister in charge of the district.
  • The list of residents without Ration Cards for non-gas homes would be given to the district-level selection and monitoring committee.

Application Process for Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme

  • Under the Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya LPG Scheme, the state government provides recipients in the state with a free LPG connection, a two-burner stove, and two refills.
  •  Recipients can take use of the advantages of the Anila Bhagya Scheme by signing up either online or offline.
  • For the program, online application submission is required. The government would need around 30 days to assess applications after they were submitted and distribute plan benefits.
  • Anyone who falls within the BPL category and has not taken advantage of the free LPG connection benefits provided by the government’s PM Ujjwala Yojana may apply online for the Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya scheme.


What is Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme?

The Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme was launched by the state government of Karnataka. In this scheme the allowance of safe LPG gas connections and cylinders will be provided to the citizens of Karnataka.

Who and when was this scheme launched?

The Mukhyamantri Anila Bhagya Scheme was launched by the state government of Karnataka in the year 2023. This scheme was launched for the benefit of the financially weaker section of the society.

Who is eligible for this scheme?

Any person who is a Permanant citizen of the state of Karnataka. The applicant must belong to the BPL group and should not already have availed itself of any kind of gas-related scheme in the past

What are the benefits of this scheme?

The eligible citizens can avail themselves of the benefits of this scheme. They will be provided with free gas cylinders but with a safer and healthier version. They will get a free gas connection and two extra refills.

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