SAMRIDDHI 2024: One-Time Property Tax Amnesty Scheme Registration

If you are a permanent resident of Delhi then you will be able to apply for the SAMRIDDHI Scheme for the year 2023 and you will be able to easily pay off all the taxes that you have accumulated during the last 6 years through the development of this scheme. This new scheme will be helping the municipal corporation of Delhi because the court cases will be easily solved and it will also be a very important step for the residents who are wanting to pay the property tax. Check out the details related to the procedure for the One-Time Property Tax Amnesty Scheme Registration is given below. You can check out all of the other details related to SAMRIDDHI also. 

SAMRIDDHI Property Tax Amnesty
Property Tax Amnesty

About SAMRIDDHI Property Tax Amnesty

Delhi Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena on Tuesday launched the SAMRIDDHI Scheme in order to provide proper opportunities to the people who have outstanding property tax that they have not paid for the past 6 or 7 years including the current year and the people will be able to pay their taxes without any development of interest rate and all the interest rate will be waived off from the year 2004. This scheme, which will be valid from October 26, 2022, till March 31, 2023, could go a long way in resolving thousands of pending court cases involving citizens and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The revenue which is generated through the development of this scheme will be helping in building better infrastructure and providing multiple municipal services to the public.

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Objective Of SAMRIDDHI

Strengthening & Augmentation of Municipal Revenue for Infrastructure Development in Delhi creates in order to help all the residents to pay their taxes without having to worry about the interest rate and the penalties which are due on their tax payment and the duration of the commercial properties will be 6 years. The people will be able to pay their taxes through the development of SAMRIDDHI and they will not have to wait for the calculation of their taxes because they will only have to pay the principal amount. The municipal corporation of Delhi will be able to work more efficiently through the development of the scheme because a lot of court cases will easily solve through the development of this prestigious scheme and the amount will use in order to make better infrastructure in the city.


The SAMRIDDHI was created by the Indian Government and Delhi Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena announced this scheme on Tuesday. The scheme is provided in order to help the reservation and the commercial property holders to clear their outstanding property tax dues so that they only have to pay the principal amount for the last 6 and 7 years including the current year without any penalty or any extra amount for which they are fighting in the court. This scheme is created in order to cover all of the pending court cases which are under the municipal corporation of Delhi. The residents will be provided with an opportunity to pay off all of their loans through the development of this scheme. 

Features Of SAMRIDDHI One-Time Property Tax Amnesty

You can check out the different features of the scheme from the pointers given below:-

  • The scheme consists of “One Plus Five” for residential and “One Plus Six” for Non-Residential property holders.
  • The taxpayers of residential properties under the ‘One Plus Five’ scheme are required to pay the principal amount of property tax for the current year and the previous five years, whereupon 100 percent interest and penalty on the outstanding tax amount shall be exempt and all the previous dues prior to 2017-18, will waive off.
  • According to this scheme, if any taxpayer has already paid tax dues of any of the years 2017-18 onwards or 2016-17 onwards, but which have not been captured in MCD tax data, they have to submit the proof of payment so that the tax database can be updated. Such cases where principal, interest, and penalty have already been paid before the launch of the scheme, shall not reassess and reopen
  • The SAMRIDDHI will also cover cases of dishonor cheque (s) including cases where the bank account and the property have been attached as well as those pending under litigation in any court (s) of law, subject to respective terms and conditions.
  • During the scrutiny, if it is found that the taxpayer has not deposited the right amount of tax by willful suppression of fact or misrepresentation of fact, the benefits extends shall withdraw. 
  • However, any discrepancy in this regard may raise only within a period of one year from the receipt of the application and, thereafter no claim in this regard shall be made by the department and the case will deem close.

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SAMRIDDHI Registration Process

The applicant will have to fill out the application form in order to successfully apply for this prestigious scheme available at the official website. 

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