Abhaya Hastham 2023: Registration, Login and Check Pensioners Reports

We are well aware that women’s safety is not 100 percent guaranteed in our nation. Here, crimes against women are rising daily. These crimes and biases do not spare women. In order to give SHG women income security in their senior years, the government created a Pension and Insurance Scheme in November 2009. All enrolled SHG women were to receive security and respect in their old age. Today, we’ll try to bring up this subject. We will explain the purpose of the Abhaya Hastham 2023 in this essay. Here, we’ll walk you through the process of signing up for this programme step-by-step. Along with this, we’ll provide details regarding other programme specifications including eligibility requirements, amenities, rewards, etc. Along with this, we’ll also explain the government’s motivations for implementing this plan. 

About Abhaya Hastham

The Telangana government introduced the Abhaya Hastham to guarantee the position of elderly women in our society. We all know that by the time a woman reaches the age of 65, her husband or other family caregiver has typically died of natural causes. As a result, the family’s women are essentially unable to generate the revenue needed to enjoy some perks of livelihood. This program’s basic premise is that the SHG woman contributes Rs. 365 annually, and the government also contributes Rs. 365 annually to her pension. Depending on the member’s age, the monthly pension ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2200 and is paid out of the interest that was gained on the corpus that was created for each member up until the completion of her 60th year of age.

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Key Highlights of Abhaya Hastham

Launched ByCM Of Telangana
Name of SchemeAbhaya Hastham 2023
ObjectiveProviding insurance and pensions
BenefitsFinancial Assistance
Eligibility CriteriaMust be a resident of Telangana
BeneficiariesElderly women of Telangana
Official Websitehttps://www.serp.telangana.gov.in/AHTG/#

Objective of Abhaya Hastham

One of the primary advantages of the scheme is that it makes financial resources available to all women over the age of 65, which will prove to be the biggest asset in terms of the financial accessibility of women in our society. The system has many other advantages as well. The scheme’s execution will give women security and promote development in our nation, particularly in Telangana, where it was introduced by the relevant government officials.

Benefits and Features of Abhaya Hastham

  • Depending on qualifying, the SHG member will receive a monthly pension of Rs 500 or more.
  • Every SHG woman will receive the-
    • The full sum of Rs 30,000 in an event of natural death.
    • The entire sum of Rs. 75,000 in the case of accidental death.
    • 75000 rupees total in the event of permanent impairment
    • A total of Rs. 37500 in the event of a partial disability.
    • The victim’s child will receive a stipend of Rs 1200 for their studies up to the intermediate level and at ITI ( industrial technical institute).
  • The earnings and insurance will be transferred to the victim’s nominee if the subscriber passed away before turning 59 years old.
  • The leftover contribution will be transferred to the nominee if the subscriber passed away after turning 60.
Eligibility Criteria

The candidate must meet the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for the program:-

  • The candidate must be a Telangana resident.
  • One application per family is allowed for the programme.
  • The candidate must be at least 60 years old.
  • The applicant must reside in a household classified as being below the poverty level.
  • A white ration card is required for the application.
  • The government will pay the contributing member of the SHG Rs 1 per day, and the SHG member will contribute Rs 1 per day for the beneficiaries.
  • The candidate needs to be a current SHG member.
  • At least a year must have passed since the applicant joined.
Documents Required

When completing the application for the programme, the following documents must be submitted:-

  • Voter ID card
  • Pan card
  • SHG members certificate
  • Domicile certificate of Telangana
  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration card
  • White ration card

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Process of Abhaya Hastham’s application 

You must adhere to the following application procedure, which is listed below, in order to apply for the program:-

  • Applicants first need to visit the Abhaya website of Abhaya Hastham.
Abhaya Hastham
Abhaya Hastham
  • Registration for the programme is handled by the VO.
  • Request the scheme application form.
  • Complete the form.
  • Include the files.
  • The documents will undergo MS verification.
  • Finally, ZS would receive the verification report.

Contact Details

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  •       Hermitage Office Complex,
  •       Huda Building, Hill Fort Road,
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TCS eMail Contact
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